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Fruitweg 11-13, 2525 KE Den Haag

About Kalmeijer

Kalmeijer Biscuit machines, type KGM
Our well known Kalmeijer Biscuit machine, type KGM, is exported to many countries in the world. The
machine is suited for processing sweet pastry dough (no yeast dough) with a butter/fat content of 30-70% in
relation to the flour and the same is applicable for sugar. So for 10 kgs of flour, the butter/fat content must
be between 3 and 7 kgs, the sugar content must be between 3 – 7 kgs as well. To this basic recipe you can
add all kinds of ingredients like, water, milk, eggs, baking powder/sodium bicarbonate, vanilla, salt,
cinnamon, lemon, etc.


Operated by 2 people the machine has an output of 2-5 kgs of dough per minute, depending on the size of
the biscuit. Because the machine stops automatically when there is no more dough and/or there are no more
baking trays, the machine can also be operated by 1 person, in which case the output is somewhat less.


After automatically pre-warming the figure roller, the dough (slices) are put in the feed hopper unit of the
machine. The figure roller forms the dough into shapes, which are cut off by a knife and transported onto
baking trays, which are inserted on the back and come out at the front of the machine. Because the figure
roller is slightly warmed, the dough will not stick and no extra flower dusting is needed, which leads to a
better quality biscuit. After this, the biscuits will have to be baked about 10 to 15 minutes at approximately
180 degrees Celsius (depending on the size and thickness of the biscuit).

Figure Rollers

We have more than 60 standard figure rollers with different shapes. The rollers can be changed in seconds
without using any tools. Also special rollers can be ordered featuring your own design. For these you have to
keep in mind that the maximum diameter of the shape can not exceed 230 mms and the minimum cannot be
smaller than 30 mms. The maximum thickness would be 10% of the diameter, with an absolute maximum of
10 mms. The standard rollers are categorized in different price-classes (A –D), as are the special rollers (1-4).
The more complicated a shape gets, the higher the price of the roller will be.

Baking trays and Table Rack

Our baking trays have a fixed width of 25 cms. The standard lengths are 59, 80 and 100 cms, but can be made
to order. In an oven, most commonly with 60 x 80 cms dimensions, you could place 3 baking trays of 59 cms
next to each other, thus covering the same space as a single baking tray with dimensions 59 x 75 cms, to fill
the oven most efficiently.

After Use

The machine can be cleaned fast and simple. The baking tray tables can be folded away easily, thus leaving a
very compact machine when not in use.

Maintenance and Guarantee

The machine has a very easy maintenance, simple cleaning is mostly enough. The wear-out parts (knife, belt
and transport ropes) are simple to replace. The machine is very solid, but if repairs might be needed, they
can generally be done by a local electrician/technician. With of normal use of the machine, Kalmeijer
provides a guarantee on the parts during the first year, travel- and labour costs excluded.


On our website ( you will find more information about our machine . Also you can find a
recipe booklet there, with information on how to prepare the dough and various other recipes, as well as an
overview of our large collection of figure rollers. We also feature a video, where you can watch our machine
processing the dough. Please note that we do no longer sell this older Pie machine, type KTM, shown in the
video, but these pie-shapes can also be made with our current machine. In case you would like to know if a
specific recipe of yours could be processed with our machine, please send us the recipe and we can test it for

Prices of machine and parts

Via these links find our pricelist of the machine and spare parts

Delivery and payment

The machine would be shipped in a solid wooden case. If needed, we can take care of transport to almost
any country. If we have no dealer in your country, we can also ship the machine directly to you. We ask for
payment in advance, which will grant you a discount of 3%. The delivery time will be approximately 3 weeks
upon receipt of payment (6 weeks when ordering special rollers).

Offer / Pro forma Invoice

If you would like us to send you an offer, please be very specific with your requirements (concerning
machine, rollers, baking trays and parts, stating their correct description and article number) and we will
send you an offer by means of a pro forma invoice.

Regulations and more information

Our machine meets the requirements of all kinds of regulations concerning (food) safety, like HACCP and CE
directives. For more Information please contact us. Of course you are most welcome to visit our test bakery
situated in The Hague, the Netherlands.

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