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Since 1920 Kalmeijer has been producing rotary biscuitmachines for biscuits and cookies of sweet pastry dough

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Kalmeijer Biscuitmachine,  Type KGM video

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The Kalmeijer biscuit machine can deal with sweet pastry dough for cookies, jam biscuits, Viennese biscuits, ginger bread, Christmas biscuits, etc. As there is no friction or pressing of the dough in the biscuit machine, it is possible to use dough with a fat content between 30 % and 70% and a sugar content with a minimum of 30% (in relation to the flour 100%). This means that with our biscuitmachines you can use sweet pastry dough according to your own recipe and make biscuits of your own design. If you have any questions regarding your recipe for the biscuitmachine you can contact our test baker for more information. For new ideas, download  various recipes of the biscuit machine.

Advantages of the Kalmeijer Biscuitmachines:

  • Heating system for figure roller, so no flour dusting, therefore a better end result
  • Changing of the figure roller within one minute, without any tools
  • Folding baking tray tables, takes up less space
  • Removable dough feeding roller, so easy to clean
  • Adjustable thickness of the dough figures (for the right weight)
  • Automatic “ Stop and Go” system, (biscuit machine stops if the dough input is insufficient,
    or if there are no more baking trays left in the machine
  • A compact machine on wheels
  • The biscuitmachine covers all CE and HACCP Norms 
  • Find here brochures of the KGM biscuit machine with more information in different languages:
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Kalmeijer has more than 60 figure rollers for the biscuitmachines. There is also the possibility to have a special roller made according to you own design, or your client’ s. If you would like more information regarding these rollers you can contact us. Here you can download our roller brochure with part of our collection.

Baking trays

For an efficient operation of the biscuit machine, the quality of the baking trays is essential. The Kalmeijer baking trays are manufactured of dark blued steel plate with a length of 590, 800 and 1.000 mm. The standard width is 250 mm. But optional also machines for bakiing trays with 200 mm width can be delivered. For rotating ovens with racks that are suitable for baking trays of 600 x 800 mm, we advise you to take 3 baking trays of 590 x 250 mm of 4 bakingtrays of 590 x 200 mm. When you stack these baking trays transverse in the racks you can optimize your oven.


The biscuit machine can be operated by one or two persons. With 2 persons the capacity of the biscuit machine is 2 to 5 kilos of dough per minute, depending on the size and the thickness of the dough figures.

Biscuits all year round

With the Kalmeijer biscuitmachine you can make a larger assortment of biscuits in less time. Lovely biscuits for Christmas, for Easter and all the days in between.

Other information

Using the following link you will find much more information (FAQ) in a printable pdf.
For more information, please contact Kalmeijer through the 
Contactpage.  Directions to Kalmeijer