Is leda still dating matt

miss when leda was serious about youtube like when she was 17-18.


and videos will be posted here often and my ask is open for any questions or updates you'd like to inform me about leda.

Leda (HaiLedaBear) & Matt (MattG124) Interview with Rock Forever

asked: i know you're not leda but i was wondering if you know the code for ledas tumblr theme?

Leda Confessions and Opinions

love you guys infinitely - leda muir's (hailedabear) goodbye video.

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i can't find it in max davies ://the theme is in there, but knowing leda she did mess around with it to make it different o:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

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is a blog dedicated to ledamonsterbunny, the most amazing girl online.

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anybody who talks about leda's personal life all day everyday is pretty sad.

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who comes here to discuss personal matters going on with leda really do need to pay more attention to their own life.

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- leda (hailedabear) & matt (mattg124) interview with rock forever magazineyoutube.

:) but if yhu really miss leda and nathan and want a reminder of how adorable they were go to target and buy their shirt.

love you guys infinitely - leda muir's (hailedabear) goodbye video.

Is leda still dating matt

the reason people say rude things here is because they aren't saying it to leda.

a lot of people dont like it cuzz leda and nathan were adorable together but she seems happy with matt.

don't see why it bothers others to talk about leda and her life.
i'm leda and i'm an 18 year old youtubing, cat-loving, draconic, lord of felines. Sitemap