Is austin moon dating ally

Is austin moon dating ally dawson

told austin that ally might talk about him to kira since ally still has feelings for him and also austin. found ally's necklace but austin took it from him and put it around her neck. told the kid to zip it when he thought austin was a poser. ally said dez has to sharp pencils because director has to stay sharp, austin nodded. (jasmine kang and logan watson) from "i didn't do it" and the chanels (chanel oberlin, sonya herfmann, sadie swenson, chanel #4, libby putney, and hester ulrich) from "scream queens", & "rucas" from girl meets world are both similar to auslly, but jasmine and logan & riley & lucas are the couples who relate more to austin and ally. also, red is laura marano's favorite color and ally wore a red dress when she danced with austin in club owners & quinceaneras. the beginning of the episode, ally walked up to austin, whilst smiling, and they were really close together and it looked like austin was putting his arm around ally's waist. reads the song and says its perfect for him and ally to perform, whilst smiling at each other. wants to go out with kira, but she thinks that he and ally like each other. this shows that ally really missed austin and wanted to be with him. have austin a plaque but no one else of things she accomplished. season 4 they are finally together for a lot of time without breaking up. another possible song could be can you feel it from the crossover special because when austin sang it, ally later said that she teared up during the song, causing her eyes to freeze wide open, causing austin to be bewildered by what appeared to be her intense staring. apologized to ally that he was the reason jimmy wouldn't sign her. leaned on austin again closing her eyes and they both smiled as austin put his arm around her. pets ally while talking about how far she's come along, and for a second, ally smiles at it before becoming annoyed. austin said that ally playfully rolled her eyes and smiled. this proved that austin does obviously still have feelings for ally. was upset when austin left her in the middle of the dance floor to go talk to piper. trish walked in the sonic boom with the magazine, austin and ally were already there alone spending time together. apologized to ally when she got fired, but didn't do so to the others (if he did, it wasn't shown). said austin was a really good actor, and austin said the same thing about ally. austin then asked ally out and she happily accepted with no hesitation. gavin asked ally to prom, austin was behind her, smiling and was happy for her. austin found her book she gives him a hug and said "i love you, i love you, i love you! the interview dez said, "when you're in love, you'll know" and austin and ally looked at each other lovingly and smiled. ally and elliot are talking about how much fun they had, austin says, "well, i bet your fun back then wasn't any more fun than our fun back now". ally says the next line of the song is ("if you want a friend") austin sounded nervous saying "right, friend. dez said his story about hansel & gretel, austin & all were hansel & gretel skipping through a field hand in hand. jessie said she was a good song writer ally said that she and austin write all their songs, austin was nodding and smiling when ally stood up and started talking. got overly defensive when trish suggested he might be jealous of ally and elliot. ally was showing austin their new song, they share a moment on the piano. and ally stay in a long distance relationship for four months. & ally plan how to set up the music factory (along with trish). was very heartbroken & shocked when ally was breaking up with him. later austin comes to ally and admits to her that he broke up with kira, but trish shows her a cheetah beat cover with austin and kira in it and ally doesn't believe him. i wish i was here with ally instead of piper. austin was singing who u r, he looked at ally quite a lot. was the first to look and turned to austin, showing she really wanted to dance with austin. was acting like a very supportive girlfriend to austin in this episode. another date could be may 3rd, 2015, because that was when wedding bells & wacky birds, when austin and ally got fake married and shared their fifth kiss. you really don’t date costars when you work with them,” she said. & ally were both hinting that trish should be sadie's mentor. asked ally if anything happened between her and austin while they were on tour. said she chewed her hair, and austin tried to chew her hair. the wma's will be the first time our fans know we're officially a couple. dez was talking about whether or not ally would go with them he told austin that if she did, then she would throw herself into his arms and they'd live happily ever after. austin said he want to make the best christmas ever for kids, ally smiled. second time austin bit his lip at ally in this episode is when ally was hugging hi tightly across the neck. ally was about to buy present for austin he asked, "what are you doing? seemed the most worried about ally since he stood up & kept asking her questions. was laughing, maybe at something austin said to her and she looked at him lovingly.(austin has a guilty look on his face and the episode ends with 'to be continued'). & ally both would like to show billie & bobbie around the music factory. at the prom austin talk about ally all the time. the plaque, it never said when she won the contest so austin knows exactly when that happened. and ally both admit that the break is still painful, especially austin. though ally is unsure at first, she agrees to sing with austin. helps ally work with lucy even though he was obviously not entirely convinced. showed austin (and dez and trish) how obsessed dwayne was with austin. still kept his arm around ally when dez was talking to him & kind of craddling her., austin took ally's food out of her hand and threw it in the bin and spun around and he probably wanted to impress her again and looked at her flirtatiously.: [mimics austin's magician tone] great, pick me up at seven thirty.[austin's singing 'timeless' on the piano; ally walks into practice room; austin stops and turn to her]. and ally went shopping together for new clothes for jackson lowe. says that if they ever made mistakes ally would be super understanding. said she loves the you can come to me video, probably because she sang it with austin, and its special to her. jackson started destroying the set, austin ran off the stage and to ally's side, possibly to protect her. says to ally, "ally, i still love you" to which she says, "i never stopped loving you", with a smile.(austin walks back into the store after saying bye to trish and dez)austin: (smiles) are you ready to do this? wanted ally to be his partner even though this seemed like a project to split up without a partner because dez & trish didn't use any partners. in last dances & last chances, they both broke up with gavin and piper to be together; austin then asked ally to be his prom date, and she said yes, they shared their third kiss and finally rekindled. i was really looking forward to going to the wma's with you. also in chapters & choices, austin wears a red jacket and ally wears a red shirt. after austin performs it, trish makes a deduction- throughout his performance, he looked at every single girl in the room except for one- ally. told ally what he felt when he got on stage and then ran away. while raini and ross are super close and totally adorbs, they too — continuing to crush our dreams — claim to be just friends. used ally's technique to write a song from diners & daters and told her a good friend taught him.: the auslly animal is a goose because ally called austin her goose, which she referred to as her inspiration to writing her songs. the end, austin was really thrilled about ally performing with him, and says he hopes she'll be able to sing with him again. ally says that last feeling that she felt was love, he started blushing and looked like he thought it meant him. another date could be febuary 24th, 2013, because that was when chapters & choices aired, when austin and ally shared their first kiss. tried to beat chelsea on the auction, because she didn't want her to go on a date with austin. broke up because this long distance thing wasn't working cause they barley got to see each other which made it frustrating & painful so they initally just wanted to take a short break between them but that short break turned into a really long one. and ally were really close together when trish threw the teddy bear out the window. kept holding onto ally's hands after they cuddled, then he escorted her down the stairs. kept shaking his head when trish was saying things ally is good at & kept looking at ally lovingly.: [walks over and clears her throat twice before pushing austin and ally] i hate to break this up again but ten thousand people are kind of waiting for you. austin says 2 in a million is perfect, he was basically saying their relationship is perfect. possible song could be upside down, in videos & villains, because austin was probably singing about ally and she looked at austin and austin looked at ally the entire time he was singing. ally then gets hold of austin's hair/neck and kisses him. another place my be the world wide music award stage, since austin threw his career up to be with ally, and they admitted their love for each other there, and then had their fourth kiss. ally asked austin what he wanted to say, he said it was nothing important sadly. austin told ally that the tweeter train left two years ago and left her there, ally playfully rolled her eyes. dez said to austin that he can't leave him with ally, because she gives him nothing, he gave him a look. asks ally if she wants to go to the zoo to laugh at the monkeys. and ally both thought of "the ally way" as a title for the song. the beginning of the episode, ally walked up to austin and piper, and when piper said ally looked great, austin said he'd seen her look better, but it was only cause he was trying to act normal around piper, and ally looked hurt. austin was telling the gang he didn't want to be famous without his friends, he was looking mostly towards ally. seemed embarrassed when dez brought up that he cried at a romance movie in front of ally. ally thanks austin, she pets him and they both laugh. tried to listen in on austin and chelsea's conversation on their first date.: austin, you're staring, and the person you're staring at, isn't your date. both deny it, they have thought about their wedding (ally wanted a bouquet of lilies and orchards; austin wanted a 6 layer white chocolate cake at their wedding). said to ally that she know it's hard to see a boy she likes with another girl. and ally were both smiling in the kiss, showing they both liked it. austin and ally were hiding, if you look closely when dez and chuck are coming down the stairs, you can see that austin has his hand around ally then quickly puts his hands at his side. austin said he couldn't take off the shoes in the museum, ally scolded him like a mom would a child saying "this is why we don't touch things young man".: [talking about trent] you don't need to prove anything to him, austin.

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handed ally a juice box and then sat close to her. dez said their life story, austin & ally were playing the piano together. during the auction ally realizes, austin will go on a date with another girl, and she gets jealous. austin and ally (and trish and dez) thought brandy was weird. admitted he still had feelings for ally in hunks & homecoming. looks like he was bout to kiss her but ally then puts his hand on his shoulders probably stopping him & they just hug very tightly instead & stay like that for quite a while. held austin's hand for a second in that scene if you look at it carefully..i-i don't know" like he did in campers & complications when kira asked him if he had feelings for ally. and ally agreed that their kiss was really good and magical. says to ally that they could go on tour and stay together permanently and she thinks he means as a duo, to which he says yes really happily. austin's performance at the beach, ally was jumping along and watching him the whole time with a wide smile on her face. and ally became flustered and started making excuses when trish and dez questioned their kiss. ally was talking a lot about preparing for the award show, she said "if we were going to match my dress with your tie. megan told trish, austin and dez to describe ally in 1 word, austin said 'talented'.[they run to each other and hug; austin spins her around].: (excitedly) ally's song redial, sold so well, ramone records is moving the release date for her debut album, to next week! & ally both looked at each other confused/worriedly when they saw that ridley put on a mask before singing. looked at ally lovingly when he said she was adorable. the group was done hugging austin still kept his arm around ally. austin said ally should jump off the plank, ally looked hurt. gave up his career so he can be with ally. austin and ally want to get to know each other better. tries to be romantic by feeding ally like the couple at the other table was. another date could be march 17th, because that was when partners & parachutes aired, when austin and ally first became a couple. ally mentioned that trish and dez would feel weird if her and austin were dating, austin gave her a nervous smile, and said "if we were dating? suggests dessert to help austin feel better when cassidy rejects him. was very happy when he said that him being her boyfriend was great showing that he's really proud of being her boyfriend. & ally‘s days may be numbered *sigh* but we’re sure ross lynch is here to stay. austin then says, "thanks ally, i feel the same way", then smiles. was fixing austin's hair and if there was anything on his shirt when he was going to talk to cassidy, and she even calls him 'tiger'. both helped dwayne write a song for him and austin to perform. austin's performance, ally was the first one to rush to austin and hug him followed by the others. and trish work together to get austin and ally together on the helen show, which works. ally said she needed to think about it for a while before they bungee jumped, austin tells her to take all the time she needs. ally later finds out austin isn't on another date with chelsea. they heard the bad news, ally looked to austin with worried eyes." the second time, austin grabbed her shoulder and sat her down and said with a smile, "i think we should see him dance first. has a sad face when austin says jimmy hates him. trish asked austin if she have to tell ally that they found new songwriter, austin said he'll say that. was disappointed when ally said if she'll accept the deal she'll can't go with him on tour. asked ally if she will be okay by herself, showing he cares about ally a lot. dez said they found a better songwriter than ally and austin gave him a look and said 'dez! called ally his girlfriend and couldn't wait for the whole world to know that he's dating ally.: twitter raini rodriguezif ross couldn't be dating laura, of course fans would be just as happy to see him with another austin & ally fave. happily accepts to be austin's prom date with no hesitation. and dez both smiled when auslly had the sweet moment about austin meeting ally in sonic boom. and austin had a battle, because austin wanted to impress ally. i don't like things getting between us since we're dating. says that if austin doesn't graduate, their entire lives will be ruined, hinting that she possibly wants to marry austin in the future.: instagram (@maiamitch) ariana grande we actually have no idea where these rumors even came from. austin and ally got off the stage, austin took her hand and helped her down. the beginning of the song, austin reached out his hand and helped ally onto the stage. during the awards show, austin intrupted the awards show and decided to tell the world that he's dating ally and he chose ally over his career, saying that she's the best thing that ever happened to him. was surprised by the kiss but still enjoyed it & put both hands around ally's back. austin, since you signed with my label, you're on the urge of becoming a superstar. austin and dez ruined ally's cupcakes, he (along with dez) started to panic and tried to fix it. years later, it is revealed that austin and ally are more in love than ever, are married and have two kids - a boy and a girl named alex and ava. ensured her dad austin is the furthest thing in her mind, but then she said she misses him a little. just pretends he's fine when ally steps on his foot & says "it's cool, it's cool. you look closely you can see austin was playing around with ally when they went to the table cause ally was trying to do something with her bag & austin was holding her bag down.(austin and ally both scream and ally jumps into austin's arms). ally says "she'll nestle up, feeling butterflies" and austin says "my heart will be beating out of my chest" it looks like what they're saying is really happening. she also said that austin is the perfect guy for her to be with, making austin blush. dez said he can carry the box while spinning a basketball on his finger, austin said he can carry two boxes, in an attempt to outdo dez and impress ally. wanted to be alone with ally to finish the song. says she'll really miss austin but austin trys to cheer ally up by saying theyll talk to each other all the time & write songs over the phone. still has her record deal, but austin lost his record deal, but he gave up his career so he can be with ally. jimmy offered to sign ally to his record label, austin was very happy for her. austin performed christmas soul at the beginning of the episode, austin and ally were walking very close to each other. when ally said she can't stay austin came back on stage upset. added a sun to the moon necklace to resemble them both.: i finally realized why i've had so much trouble finishing songs. austin was nervous when he was about to perform, ally said, "you can do this," to cheer him up. austin said it's the end of 'austin & ally' he was sad. also in fresh starts & farewells, ally wore a red jacket when austin gave her a card. they were kissing, austin put his hand on her side. said he didn't want to be a superstar if he had to hurt ally to do it. was upset that austin met with another songwriter, likely because she was jealous. though it has been 4 years since austin and ally have spoken to each other, they reveal they still love each other. looked really mad when wood pieces fell into ally's hair. when dez said he liked ally, this is what he did. grabbed ally's hand that was holding a crayon and scribbled all over her coloring book to get her to color outside the lines. then he chooses kira instead of ally and ask her to be his girlfriend, but she says that she need time to think about it. tried to stop ally from giving her song to kira because he knew the song was important to her. ally wants to plan her and austin's wedding, definetly hinting she wants to marry him in the future, which austin immediately agrees to and he fake proposes to ally. hugged back but was a little suspicious and asked ally "you already knew didn't you? smiled & started singing to austin the beginning part of the song " i wanna hear you plaaaaaaay my song" then walked away & kept singing. dez and austin told ally and nelson to get off the piano, austin helped ally off. ally goes to the party, along with trish and dez. didn't want to tell ally that he didn't like her song because he didn't want to hurt her feelings. times when austin put his hand on ally's shoulder he smiled. the auction ally was playing the piano with a sad face, just like austin did in campers & complications after the competition with elliot. and ally both thought it was romantic when they saw dezmond and patricia hugging and were really close together. the beginning of the episode, even though ally was heartbroken, she said she was happy for austin and kira, that they were an official couple. smiled when he saw ally put a star next to his name. it is a part of the austin & ally fanbase all based on information from the series or cast and crew. though ally looked terrible & austin was wet on a kiddy ride they still huged & love each other the same. bid for the date herself so austin wouldn't go on a date with chelsea. austin got off the stage, he put his arm around ally and hugged her. gave up his career to be with ally, in relationships & red carpets. this causes the two to argue and austin to question the fake engagement. smiled when austin put his arm around her and she had her arm around his waist. gets to the store super early because he promised ally he wouldn't be late. liked it when ally danced all goofy and suggests they 'dance it out'. austin says he's going to miss ally and she says the same back. fact that austin got ally a bracelet, that's something a boyfriend would buy his girlfriend. and ally use the word "song" as a replacement for their relationship. trish's phone rang it startled ally and she fell against austin and grabbed his arm. later with, dez's little help, he reveals that he likes ally.

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austin broke up with piper, he revealed ally's favorite italian food, showing he knows a lot about her. the beginning of the episode ally was reading her card from austin with a smile. & ally both gave each other the same facial expression when dez did his trick. ally walks away after the kiss, austin stares at her until she is out of his sight. ally: you wanna give up your first national magazine cover for me? austin is singing, ally is watching him with a big smile. doesn't want ally to be upset over her lack of recognition. got jealous of austin going on a date with chelsea. one part of the dance austin & ally's face are really close to each other's & they both smile. everyone walked to the door, to see if the scary bear was there, austin held ally's shoulders. offers to stay in line to hold ally's spot while she goes to watch the store. told the crowd that the party was a going away party for ally. says to ally, "it doesn't matter if the world doesn't know how talented you are, i always will. tried to convince ally that she shouldn't date elliot because he's not into music. made ally say she was too pretty to be the alien in his story. another date could be november 23rd, 2014, because that was when relationships & red carpets, when austin and ally admitted their love for each other and shared their foruth kiss.: instagram (@arianagrande) olivia holt while the source behind this disney dating rumors is unknown, can we all take a sec and talk about what a beautiful blonde couple these two would actually make? & ally are both alone cleaning up the downstairs of the music factory. said having a new songwritter won't be as special like it is with ally. admitted to ally that he still has feelings for her, and she had a big smile on her face. gives austin her songbook, making him think she's letting him touch it when she's actually permanently giving it to him. a cozy picnic blanket, a jar of pickles, i like austin, heart shaped salami—. punches austin's shoulder in a playful way and says "pal" rather unconvincingly and awkwardly.!Ally: guys, austin gave me a plane ticket to everywhere, so i can meet with you guys on tour. and ally both smiled through the kiss, which obviously meant they were really enjoying it. snuggles up against austin when his arm is around her shoulder while looking happily at the necklace & austin. said that she really wishes austin could be there for her speech. was able to come up with several compliments about austin off the top of her head without thinking about it. of the celebrations is new year and when counting down, ally and austin almost kiss, before, again, being interrupted by dez. tells austin how she got her fear of stage fright. ally says "i must be the worst dancer in the history of dancing" austin tries to cheer her up. said fine when austin wanted her to try the food. kenneth kreen said austin's performance was awful, ally was mad and said, "how could you not like that? probably stops austin from kissing her cause she probably knows they would then get back together again & make it hard for ally to break up with him. thought he is dating kira, he is jealous of ally's friendship with elliot. austin & dez were on the ride again austin didn't enjoy it cause he was too worried about ally. becomes interested in ally's book after dez mentions her crushing on someone. austin said we always wanted to be in beach musical, ally asked him sarcastically "who are you gonna be? feels bad for stealing ally's song and wants to make it up to her. austin and ally almost hugged twice, austin was the one who wanted to hug ally first and ally wanted to give him a handshake.(auslly are on a date)austin:what does jimmy expect us to do? immediately apologizes and puts his hand on ally's shoulder when ally stops him from hugging her. seemed happy when ally said her and kira were friends. asks ally what she thinks on his new dance moves. looked quite hurt and almost heartbroken when austin said they should maybe move on. austin puts his arm around ally, ally puts her hand on his chest. also sang most of the songs from austin & ally: turn it up, the show's second soundtrack. thought it was sweet that austin cared about her stage fright and told him he would be the first person she would talk to about her stage fright when she was ready to. gets offended when austin says prop girl is perfect for ally, because she doesn't have a social life. hugged ally's dad, again probably to get on his good side. was the first one to hug austin when he came back. austin was presenting the song, he said he loves to spend his summer with his friends and he moved very close to ally. admitted she still had feelings for austin in fresh starts & farewells. (along with dez & trish) didn't want austin to leave military school. austin sang the line 'i'm stuck on you' he gave ally a smile. and ally sing a duet together called "two in a million", which represents their feelings for each other. looked kinda sad when ally said she was going to go somewhere where austin and dez weren't. they watch the sneezing panda, austin puts his arm around ally and holds her closer to him. ally said to jett that she saw the interview, jett said 'awkward' and austin gave him a look. ally's nervous to play the piano for austin while he performs on the helen show, austin tells her she'll do great and winks at her. was worried ally wasn't going to be there for their fake wedding. team austin saw dwayne's secret shrine to austin, there was the auslly magazine from partners & parachutes. was helping ally to play clarinet golf and was behind her, touching her hands and they were cuddling. ally lied about not buying a present austin smiled to her.: i'm going to forget about the whole austin thing for now. the song it's me, it's you, austin put his arm around ally. knew more about ally than trish did, and austin and ally have known each other for far less time than trish and ally. are flashbacks to austin and ally from the show, especially from the auslly arc. ally needed help with the boxes, austin immediately offered to help. & ally were probably spending alone time together up in the practice room before coming down to talk with dez & trish.(he takes ally's food out of her hand and throws it in the bin, spins around and looks at ally flirtatiously). actually uses the backpack that austin gave to dez, trish & her while dez & trish don't. asked austin if she should tell jett that they're dating and austin said he wanted it to be about her and put his hand on her shoulder and she smiled at him. (and trish) took off the plug so ally couldn't write song with gavin without light. the beginning when they were holding hands, austin smiled at ally. during their dance, austin leaves with piper to talk to her. the piano falls, austin looks down at the mess and says "ally i'm really sorry" and then walks away with his head hung down. noticed austin leaning into her and leaned in too, whilst smiling. austin finds out that ally had doubts about the partnership when they became partners. got ally a piano, and wanted to make it special, by dropping it down on a parachute. smiled at austin lovingly when austin's parents said they're proud of him. got a bit confused at first and austin gave her a look. ally was stuck in the plastic ball, her hand was on the ball and on the outside, austin's hand was on the exact same place as her hand. cheered ally up when she was upset about a tooth in her meatball & smiled & looked at him lovingly. said that they had just seen 5 movies back to back and ally smiled at him lovingly. austin puts his arm around ally, ally leans her head into his neck. austin tries to win ally over, he buys a piano for her and puts it on parachute, but it doesn't open and crashes ally's party. smiles & laughed real big when ally shoved cake in his face. gave dez a look when he insulted ally's white top.: january 27th, 2013, because that was the date when girlfriends & girl friends aired, when ally revealed she had feelings for austin.[on the other side of the door, dez listens and austin stands behind him].: [holds ally's hands and plays the keyboard] so this is a c chord. stopped his show and ran to ally and started to ask her to stay with him. when she doesn't have time to work with austin, he wants to separate them. reason austin wanted to impress ally with his smartness was because he was worried she would fall for some brainy harvard guy. they were singing the line 'do it without you' their faces were really close to each other like in mix ups & mistletoes. the beginning of the episode, when austin let go of kira and walked up to ally, ally looked like she was trying to hold back her tears. ally sits down next to austin, they both stare at each other for a few seconds before continuing to talk.(ally runs on the stage, wraps her arms around austins neck and they share a passionate kiss). kept bribing the fortune teller with money to make austin have hopes that his performance was going to be amazing. he forgot ally's birthday, he made up for it by saying, "love you. said to ronnie that being austin's songwriter makes her a better artist. ally said that she's never written with someone who knows that much about music as she does, austin coughed and said "what about me? broke up with austin only not to make him lose his career, even though she had broken heart, showing she really loves him. and ally were happy they were on the cover of cheetah beat. gets annoyed when dez says that he only wears boxers with trucks on them, not wanting ally to hear. got worried when trish told her something happened to austin, although she was just lying. ally was the first to admit her feelings for austin in girlfriends & girl friends.[team austin walks and notices two guys having fun of ally's signature dance].

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austin said, "i see a little bit of myself in this kid," ally looked at the kid eagerly. austin and ally are then seen outside and they temporarlly broke up. he later forms a partnership with ally, played by laura marano. she even admitted to us that she loves that her fans want them to be together in real life — so why aren’t they dating? ally sang the two lines, "i remember life before, faraway dreams and locking doors, then you came, then you came".'s last name is the same length has austin's first name (6 letters), and austin's last name is the same length as ally's first name (4 letters). they were dancing austin thought ally was really good at the salsa. austin came back from the concert, he told ally they could rehearse all night. was very happy when ally decided she would stay and the two hugged. you observe that scene a little bit more you can tell that austin was also staring at her lips. was afraid that if she doesn't go with austin at his tour he would lose his feelings for her.: ally, i'm sorry for the way i behaved, but i'm happy for you and i'm really going to miss you.", austin looked really sad and worried that ally wasn't going to show up. also, another may be costumes & courage, because austin and ally sang their first duet, and they were looking at each other flirtatiously throughout the duet.'s hands are on ally's shoulders for a long time when he tells ally he's not available at his house at the moment. [austin start to run off the practice room] because i don't want to see your reaction if you really liked her!: (to ally) are you sure you don't wanna come with us? austin sings illusion he is mainly singing in ally's direction and he mentions "i promise i won't disappear, i'll be right here" and then appears near her at the end of the song, implying she's the girl he's singing about. called herself austin's girlfriend at the end of this episode. was more impressed with the card that had ally's face in it as well as dez's than the one with just dez's face. following is a set a moments in each episode in austin & ally.: i hope so, 'cause, i'm always going to need you, ally. he was risking himself for ally so he is ally's hero. smiled at austin when he said her life was pretty great, because she had him as her boyfriend. in the episode tunes and trials, austin wrote steal your heart which was made for ally. they finished singing, it almost looked like they were going to kiss on stage until ally realized the crowd was there. and ally were walking alone together when they got to the sonic boom for the first team austin and team ally meeting. ally spoke to trish about austin choosing kira, ally admitted she was upset showing she really wanted austin to be her boyfriend. both say they are really luck to have each other." to ally excitedly and she said "now it's really the happiest night of my life! wants to help ally show the world she's the real deal. and ally go on their first date, but it tends to get awkward because they can't make conversation. they hugged, austin looked like he was gonna cry and very heartbroken, because he had lost ally to gavin, for now. both went on ally's tour in relationships & red carpets, and went by themselves, without trish and dez. the auslly song is probably parachute from records & wrecking balls, because it's obvious that ally wrote it about austin, because there are references from chapters & choices when austin helped ally overcome her stage fright and ally was singing it to austin and they were gazing into each other's eyes. ally admits that she was kinda hoping that the song was about her, and the case is over. also gets jealous too with austin being with other girls. in the transition scene it shows ally jumping on austin's back & she smiles really big & rests her head on top of austin's head.(austin and ally are back in sonic boom after the conversion). austin ran off stage ally looked upset and said, "poor austin. ronnie said ally can't write for austin and ally said 'say what now? austin & ally walked into practice room trish asked them if they're ready for audition, ally sadly said "i guess so". struggled to tell ally that her dancing was horrible because he didn't want to hurt her feelings. said he would also be jealous if ally went on a date with another guy. that ally couldn't of even gotten on stage, but this ally can. is holding austin's hand as it is around her shoulder. was really impressed that austin was able to write his own song, and was really happy for him.'s revealed in this episode that ally talked to her mom about austin a lot.: i've been writing songs for austin since the day we met. their project for class, ally wants to plan her and austin's wedding, showing she wants to marry austin in the future. he was glad he didn't have to carry her anymore, austin comforted ally when her shoes broke. lied about austin's song being good because she didn't want to hurt his feelings. wore the pink head band when ally told him to, even though he was really embarrassed. said that junk means nothing to harvard & austin got a bit upset when she said that. was standing next to ally when the zaliens apologized to her. told ally that the glee club will sing at the competition in her way. smiled and thanked austin very sweetly when austin told dez to be quiet. in wedding bells & wacky birds, austin and ally got fake married for home economy, that episode showed their relationship as a married couple and they shared their fifth kiss. episode shows that even though austin is going crazy not being able to perform he still would rather be with ally showing that he would go even more crazy if he isn't with ally. ally is then stunned and says she can't, leaving austin shocked.[ally smiles, then starts play the piano, austin still looks at her]. ally admitted that she still had feelings for austin in fresh starts & farewells and at the end of the episode, austin tried to tell ally something (possibly that he loved her), but was unable to get the words out and gave her a vague card instead. ally said she sharpened the pencils, austin smiled at her. offered to talk to ronnie when ronnie realized that ally was roxy. and ally worked together to stop dez and chuck's feud. and dez try to get austin and ally to at least stay friends again. says that the best part is living my dream with my friends, and he was looking directly at ally.[austin sighs; they stare at each other; then dez walks to them]. ally came in to say something, austin immediately stopped what he was doing. austin told ally why he really took the guitar she said that him doing that was "incredible". austin fell on the counter, he winked at ally and said "what up? both got really upset about lester selling sonic boom (along with trish and dez).: well, yeah, i like a lot of stuff about ally. crushes on a guy with very similar characteristics to austin. the first true auslly episode is partners & parachutes because austin serenaded ally (with the song, "i think about you"), and confirmed their relationship by saying that they were an official couple, and this episode had the strongest, most powerful, and most loved auslly moment (austin singing to ally). & ally are both on the couch a lone while dez is on a different couch. looked really impressed when austin threw the trash in the bin. auslly song could be don't look down, because its the first duet they sang together, and they smile at each other throughout the performance and ally gives austin a "flirty" look at one point. chorus could go like this [plays few tones and still looks at austin]. elliot has something to say to ally, the look on austin's face is pure fear, as if he was nervous he was going to ask her out before austin got a chance. acknowledged that ally was right when she said that he and dez are best friends, and shouldn't fight. austin thought ally had a crush on him in secrets & songbooks, although she was really crushing on dallas. said to ally "i couldn't let you down," to which ally replied by saying "aww. said he never stopped having feelings for ally, showing he might be in love with her. and ally keep glancing at each other while trish and dez are talking.: well, i'm so glad that you don't have feelings for ally. looked embarrassed when austin helped chelsea up instead of her.: (stops kissing) a-a-ally i'm so sorry i met with another songwriter. seemed to not like the fact that ally was singing a duet with gavin.?" at the same time when billie & bobbie couldn't fiugre out which one was austin & which one was ally. and austin (and trish and dez) group hugged when she got rejected from harvard & they were standing next to each other. said she really wants to go to the wma's with austin. was happy when he saw that ally was calling him & asked if she was almost there. blushes & smiles real big while talking about austin to trish. says austin won't be able to go to senior prom, possibly with her. austin said "i'm going to miss you" to ally when she was saying good-bye, he got choked up and sounded like he was going to cry. time they got interrupted, they both looked a bit disappointed as if they really wanted to kiss each other. seems disappointed that ally can't be in dez's movie with him. was really sad that she didn't have the whole cake for austin. austin blamed ally, he tried to apologize, but she had already left the restaurant. and ally were spending time alone in the practice room. said that the kid was taking advantage of austin's niceness. austin and ally talked about the line "if you want a friend", ally asked if they should change it into a stronger word (more than friends). is ready to go on his first tour and so are the rest of team austin. smiles even a little more when austin puts his arm around her. tells ally to write one song with gavin as it will be good for her career. has only had 2 boyfriends (gavin and now austin), but austin has had a few girlfriends (kira, piper) including ally. and ally stand close to each other in the first scene. also, they kissed for a longer time then usual, and they went on ally's tour just the two of them.

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they were kissing ally out her hand around his neck. & ally stand really close to each other in that scene. apologized to ally when he and dez dropped the boxes. the performance austin and ally almost the whole time were dancing together. were gazing into each other's eyes when austin sang stuck on you. stops austin from hugging her & and says not yet, showing she wants to hug austin but not now because she is still mad at him.(austin's on stage)austin: ally, when i first met you, i had no idea that you'd be the best thing that ever happened to me. ally opened the card austin quickly took it and crumpled, because he didn't want ally to get depressed more. said she was happy for austin that he's dating piper. got excited when he found out ally's album being release the following week and said he's so proud of her, and gave a her tight hug. are cuddling on the couch with ally snuggled into austin & his arms around her. brought ally a gift from the convention to make it up to her when he left her to finish the song by herself. tells trish she can't make fun of austin's song for the same reason. said ally was right and he would get rid of him. got ally something when she was mad at them but trish didn't. this kiss austin grabbed allys head & put his hands in her hair & was kind of leaning on top of her buring the kiss. he thought ally had a crush on him, austin tried to let ally down easy, meaning he cared about her feelings. austin got into the bus he sat beside the window and stared at ally from the window.: check out what i got for austin's date with kira. feels bad and apologizes to austin for not helping him with the project. helped get ally's musical talent recognized by putting her on the radio. the beginning of the song they were sitting on the piano really close. admitted that she hoped the song was about her, showing she still has feelings for austin, too. austin was saying his moonwalkers are good for performing and playing basketball, he took ally's food from her and through it in the bin for fun, probably trying to impress her. turned down austin's offers to call off the bungee jumping. and ally are smiling at each other in the beginning of the episode. says austin has great hair, talking about it to dez. thanks austin two times for helping with the music lesson. and ally tried to give trish advice on how to impress jace. austin and dez ruined ally's cupcakes for her charity, austin has to be auctioned off on a date to reach the charity's money goal. austin said he doesn't care how long they will be together because he just wants to see her and ally felt the same way. austin sang stuck on you, ally said he can do this with a smile.: austin monica moon, are you asking me out on our first official date? the end of the episode, ally hugged dez's uncle, thinking he was austin. was heartbroken when ally wouldn't talk to him and really nervous that she would never talk to him again (and probably break up with him). and then ally puts her hands up in a kind of "sorry" gesture. looked more frustrated than ally when her phone broke, this shows that he is a really caring boyfriend. wanted to text ally to help him and trish get out of the practice room. & ally both seemed interested & scared when listening to each other's stories. ally said they're going to win austin smiled at her. & ally were next to each other for all of this episode. and ally (unknowingly at first) are both interviewed on the helen show. wanted to tell ally earlier that the song was about her but didn't want to ruin their friendship. squeezes in between ally & dez on stage so he can be next to ally. trish said that austin wasn't going to make music any time soon, austin stood up and said, "it stinks, but i've already made my choice, and it was the right one", and pulled ally in close and hugged her and they both smiled. didn't want ally's dad to smell bad, so he made himself smell bad, maybe to get on ally's dad's good side. only gave benny a chance because she turned out to love austin. another number is 30, because austin and ally shared their fourth kiss in relationships & red carpets, which was about 30 seconds long. tunes & trials is possibly the auslly episode, because austin wrote a love song for ally called "steal your heart" and they both admitted that they still had feelings for each other. they were playing the piano ally puts her head on austin shoulder and austin doesn't seem to mind. said he can't wait to go on tour with ally, and she said they'll have so much fun, whilst smiling happily. (dez and trish) 'ooo' ally when ally "burned" anders twice. hugged in the food court, while they hugged austin smiled. and ally are talking about each other, saying every day is the best day ever with each other., ally, and trish: [give dez looks of horror and bewilderment]. austin started his rehearsal with his new back-up dancers at the sonic boom, you can see him looking at ally as if he was trying to see if she was watching. encourages ally by saying dallas isn't so great and that he doesn't know what he's missing. way he said "sure" sounded like he really wanted to dance with her. leans her head in to austin when austin pulls her closer to him. said second place isn't bad to ally to comfort her. jimmy told austin to quit the basketball team in case he hurts himself and won't be able to do the concert, ally felt bad for him. goes to thank ally for helping him with cassidy, saying he owes it to her. looked nervous when trish claimed that austin wrote the song about ally. were both scared of ally's phone when it started talking possessedly. it could also be a dolphin because ally owns a stuffed animal, dougie the dolphin, which she gave to austin even though she treasured it. put his arm on ally's shoulder and she didn't seem to mind at all, even though she knew she was on live tv. austin said he wants her to be happy, ally smiled. thought austin was good with her and gavin going out. tells austin that his song is awful and is just terrible, but said it with a smile on her face to not make austin feel as bad. & aly: turn it up: "ross lynch - austin & aly: turn it up [original soundtrack]". (ally gets up and walk to austin; both smile awkwardly) there's something i want to tell you. the goose part may also refer to the moment in zaliens & cloud watchers when ally called austin her "goose" to mean inspiration.: hey, now you can perform with austin all the time. the set starts to fall the first thing austin does is carry ally & goes to a safe place with her. (turns to austin and miles at him)thanks again, austin. thanks ally for helping him realize how silly his fear was. says that ally is more important to him than getting on the cover of the magazine and didn't want her to be scared. wiped feathers that val threw in the air off of ally's hair.(auslly are in the practice room)austin: (excitedly) i can't wait for the whole world to know that you're my girlfriend. and ally were throwing planes together in the shedder's beach club. sitting at the piano during the performance, austin and ally both smiled at each other. then holds austin's hand and says: "you dont have to worry about me falling for some brainy harvard guy, i love you for you & i always will. ally said she really wanted the relationship to work, austin even went far enough to say that he wanted it to work more than anything. the hug austin stares at ally for a little bit while she is looking down. put his arm around ally for a little while before putting his arm around dez to do a group huddle. was probably wondering if he drives ally wild & make her feel good by the expression on his face when she sang that part. have a fight because, austin was worried ally was going to push him aside but make up afterwards. and ally go to the movie marathon in a couple's costume- the swamp guy and his bride. austin finishes singing he says, "wow, another great song ally" and then he says that she is the best song writer in the business. is it the grandma that makes delicious cookies, or the one that tells really boring stories and smells like cabbage? getting confronted about having sneaked out for the fundraiser, austin replied that he had to help ally. austin smiles when ally does that & carries her on his back. asks ally if she wants to go get something to eat after he finishes "practicing" for his test. emma called dibs on austin's toe, she glared at ally as if she knew there was something going on between them. & ally both stood very close to each other when they went inside. said austin looked great too and they stepped closer to each other, as if they were about to kiss. ally found out she got into harvard, austin said it was incredible and hugged her. sounded kind of jealous when ally was hugging an old man lovingly. and ally were in the music factory (along with dez and trish). both smile at each other when austin has his arm around ally. also puts his head on top of ally that scene & they both are snuggling. ally was explaining about the big envelope it seemed that her & austin had the most eye contact with each other. was happy when ally kept the note he gave her in girlfriends & girl friends. reveals she has feelings for austin, but he may be too aloof to notice. spike stevens was about to say who is austin's co'star ally got excited and austin smiled at her. the last auslly scene, austin is wearing blue and ally is wearing red- the same colors they were wearing in club owners & quinceaneras when they were dancing. austin wishes ally good luck on her record and says it's going to be great and ally wishes austin fun on tour and they hug for a while. austin's story he made himeself kind of like ally & ally kind of like austin. was impressed how austin wrote the chorus for the song timeless. 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(and dez) set up a party to celebrate ally getting a record deal with jimmy. tried to give austin some information when his paper airplane didn't fly. and ally sang three duets together: "perfect christmas, heart beat, and partridge in a pair tree". didn't want jimmy to hire him again so that jimmy would sign ally instead. trent said that austin was just scared to do the dance off with him, ally started to look mad.!Color: the auslly color might be red because in the theme song intro austin and ally are both wearing red. looked really hurt when austin blamed her for making cassidy not want to go out with him. they almost kiss under the mistletoe for the first time in sonic boom, austin was wearing blue, which is one of the auslly colours. walks near ally & puts his around ally & they both go talk to dez & trish. herman ran out like a crazy, austin said to ally "kids, am i right? austin was praising chelsea, ally got upset and said "greatly, great, great". said that even with the mustache, ally is still pretty. jett mentioned roxy in radio austin said 'ally, it's you' with a smile. during the awards show, austin told jimmy he didn't want to hide his relationship with ally, but jimmy made him choose between ally and his career. almost told ally how he feels, but then gavin turned up. shows austin really likes to spend time and talk with ally. austin was singing in spanish, and said "novia" (which means girlfriend) he looked at ally, who looked at him back.(austin's walking the red carpet and notices ally)austin: whoa. the first scene of the episode, austin walked in dressed as the electric avenger and ally complimented him saying he looked awesome, and austin looked at ally flirtatiously. austin wakes up, ally is the first person he sees. ally questions her relationship with gavin when he doesn't ask her to prom. ally and gavin were sitting at the piano, austin squeezed between them. was upset when she realized austin and her will have only one day to spend together.: austin, i know you like me, but you obviously also have feelings for ally. doesn't want to hurt austin's feelings by telling him that the people aren't really coming to see him. grabs austin's arm and says millions of his fans miss him on stage & austin looked happy when ally grabbed his arm. asked if austin will be mad at her in every scene. ally stopped brooke, by accidentally, crashing into a table, ruining heidi's birthday party. & ally are both worried about the music factory (along with dez & trish). since ally's gonna be busy with her record, we're squeezing a month of dates into one weekend. sit really close to each other on america's top talent. said he likes pretty girls, implying he called ally pretty. wanted ally to promise that they will always write songs together. in the hug austin looked really happy for her & rested his head on hers. gave the necklace to ally because, he believed in her. ally wants to forget they ever kissed and stay friends, austin says he can't because he wants to be with her. another date could be june 14th, 2015, because that was when karaoke & kalamity aired, when austin and ally shared their sixth kiss. also said celebrating on ally's birthday would make it even more special. and ally were looking at the mytab together at the beginning of the episode. ally said trish has to act not like herself austin agreed with her. not wanting ally and rish to end up not friends, austin allows trish to take credit for some great news which is that ally will be the first performer on the first night of austin moon's tour - the full moon tour. both finally admitted they love each other in relationships & red carpets.: i'm austin moon, and i'm going to sing a song for you![12] he also sang two songs on the austin & ally: take it from the top ep. ally mentions her and austin's history and says they have always been great partners. had a sad face but didn't say anything, because he wanted ally to be happy. calls austin cute and he blushes whilst bitting his lip. called ally his girlfriend when he was talking to jimmy. calls austin her boyfriend and wants some alone time with him. tried to comfort austin by telling him that h8ter girl's website wasn't very popular. austin was singing the lyrics to what we're about, ally stared at austin and smiled lovingly. the end of the episode, ally puts the card that austin gave her in her book, where she keeps all of her important thoughts. said ally was great at clarinet golf and wanted to take her to dinner to celebrate. benny was singing one of austin's song, ally was happy & dancing a little. said she will never tell austin her middle name and looked at him in a flirty way. ally realizes what this means and asks if austin still has feelings for her. was happy for austin when jimmy decided to hire him back. rests his head on top of ally's in that hug too. ally says "go kick some butt and get yourself booked in those clubs," austin smiles at her. and ally were the only ones who were at sonic boom working on the song. kira hugged austin, austin didn't hug back and looked at ally in a panic.^ "austin & ally: turn it up (soundtrack from the tv series) by various artists on apple music". austin can't decide who he wants to be with: ally or kira. ally's dad asked austin to sing he said he wouldn't without ally. austin said, "i can't believe ally has a crush on me. austin was singing at the piano 'timeless' ally said it sounded good with a smile. showing he really liked the idea of fake marrying ally. calls ally and says he's been looking everywhere for her. seemed throughout the episode that they really tried and wanted to kiss each other. got very excited when austin said he wants to be with ally instead of piper. & ally were super happy that ridley got signed to star records. [she has hallucinations she's seeing austin everywhere] okay, maybe i miss austin a little. ally was hugging her book, austin chuckled & smiled at ally.: you keep saying, that you can't sign ally, 'cause you don't want us both in same record label. ally wants to talk to austin, but brooke appears and tries to ruin the "date". tried to calm ally down when she saw the spider. covers for austin, when dez asks them about austin's secret. helped allly get back to who she really was & ally was very thankful for that. austin said he broke up with piper, ally was suprised. was worried about what ally will do with her record deal.: (austin and ally stand up) oh, me and ally are back together. wrapped her arms around his neck, austin put his hand on her side, and they shared a passionate kiss. a zalien insulted ally, austin said "hey, show some respect", and ally smiled at him. jimmy let austin back to star records, the first person austin hugged was ally. both made something for each other that he/she really wanted for the wedding (ally the bouquet, austin the big cake). one scene, ally's top was blue which is one of the main auslly colors. tells the deejay and everyone listening that ally is the most talented singer-songwriter her knows.: no, i'm even more if i do, it won't be as special team as i have with ally. ally got irritated about dez and trish's talk about chelsea, dez knew she was jealous and asked "huh, jealous much? gave up his career just so he and ally can be together. another possibility could be club owners & quinceaneras, that's when they had their first dance, even though austin had a broken ankle. austin does wrap his arm around ally, you can hear ally saying "mmm". wanted ally to break the news to austin that he wasn't going to new york because she believed austin will take the news better if it was coming from ally. trys to impress ally by saying smart things & says that theres a whole lot more to him then just performing & having perfect hair. the first scene, ally was wearing red, which is considered one of the main auslly colours. ally held austin's hand, he looked at their hands with a smile. & ally seemed like they were about to hug for a long time since dez seemed a bit annoyed & told ally to leave. they were in sonic boom and austin was putting down a present, ally was smiling at him and was standing under the mistletoe. says what he likes about ally, such as writing songs with her, being able to talk to her, her smile, and the weird feeling he gets whenever their hands touch. wast mostly looking a ally when he was telling about the spaceship ride. makes up an alias called 'roxy rocket' in order to continue being austin's songwriter. austin put both hands behind ally's back, it seemed he was trying to pull ally even more closer to him & didnt want to let her go. xd the auslly episode is records & wrecking balls, because they spent the whole episode together and went on lots of dates, cause of ally's album coming out . ally decided that she would give the fortune teller a try, austin smiled at her and bit his lip while looking at her. ally and dez were alone they had nothing to talk about, but when ally is with austin alone they always have something to talk about. they both finally said "i love you" to each other, and shared their fourth kiss in relationships & red carpets before leaving to go on ally's tour together. austin and ally then make up and continue their project., along with kira, was trying to get maroon 5 to play at ally's surprise party, which they were planning for her. and ally still need to hide their feelings for each other. 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ally is on the ground doing push-ups with dez, austin was standing right next to her & staring at her. was very sad when ally left him to go record music. i think fans of other things as well, like titanic and the notebook, when you see two characters together and you think they’re really cute together, obviously you want them to date in real life. [austin tries to chew her hair] don't even think about it. was too worried about ally instead of the ride he was going to never see again. dances with ally instead of trying to impress the club owner. tried to help ally when she couldn't get her chair to open at the beach. gets hold of ally's hand and asks her to marry him! ally plays the piano, austin doesn't take his eyes off her. seemed happy when she thought the michael jacksons were a fan of austin's music. & ally were both very happy walking in together from their date. and i really like when we're playing piano, and my hand accidentally touches hers. says he hid the neclace in an easter egg somewhere in the restraunt which shows that austin does a lot of work just for ally. and ally's interactions made kira think they liked each other. love coloring (zaliens & cloud watchers, but austin colors outside the lines but ally colors inside the lines). bb was rude to austin, ally comforted him by saying that she hates everything. they have group hug austin and ally are standing next to eachother.(they both smile, austin puts his arm around ally, and they leave the store). austin dipped ally he had a big smile on his face while looking at her. dez said it's brilliant, austin and ally looked at eachother a bit confused. spins ally around when they see each other and are really happy to see each other. happily says, "look what austin got me," to trish while trish was sitting on the floor. austin raised the ring to give it to chelsea, it looked like he was proposing to her, ally got nervous and wanted to talk to him, but brooke stopped her. was leaning in when austin almost said he loves her. (and trish) helped ally with poses to do at the magazine shoot. puts his arm around ally (austin also does that to dez). and ally posed for megan while they were hugging to get there pictures taken, with no regret that everyone was going to know they were a couple. while talking with trish, ally admits she still has feelings for austin and she thinks he likes her too. pushes austin to do his best to make sure the demo is perfect.(puts his arm around ally)jimmy: what the heck are you two doing? smiled at ally dancing when she was talking to dallas. this proves that austin is really, really jealous of ally and elliot's relationship. austin sang the line "i will always stay by your side forever, cause we're better together", he might have meant that they're better as a couple instead of just friends. was smiling when austin was showing team austin his new dance moves at the beginning of the episode. and ally exchanged a lot of looks throughout the episode. & ally are standing super close to each other when they are both wet. dez came into the room in his story, austin ran up behind ally & hugged dez with the rest but, it can also be seen as hug from the back from austin to ally. after ally performed she was offered a record deal with romone records, but then has to go through the difficult decision on whether to stay in miami or join austin on tour. keeps staring at austin since her eyes froze open from tearing up during his performance. and ally say the same thing at the same time then smile at each other. tells ally the truth about bringing the cd even though he could've gotten away with it. ally apologized to lucy backstage, austin came back there, and before they went back onstage, he looked at ally compassionately. austin was pretending to be jett to help ally with her interview, he looked at her very flirtatiously. tells her children that austin proposed to her in paris when they were on tour together. wanted to play prince charming and ally wanted to play sleeping beauty, who kiss in the play. said he didn't want to lose ally again, which was most likely a reference to the time he lost her to gavin or to when they broke up. dez insulted ally about her hair, austin smiled and said, "ally, don't listen to him. smiles & looks at ally a bit flirty after he helps her down the stairs. was really happy when he realized that ally was roxy. said she doesn't think gavin's the right guy for her, hinting she still has feelings for austin. said she better keep holding on to nelson, but when austin walked in she said "austin, hey", and walked over to him leaving nelson to fall. only told ally his biggest fear, not anyone else- even dez, his best friend. both finally admitted they love each other in relationships & red carpets! the group hug austin and ally smiled at each other. (austin in campers & complications when he was jealous of ally hanging out with eliot and ally in princesses & prizes when she became jealous of austin hanging out with chelsea). wasn't sure if she wanted to work with gavin, because she is austin's songwriter. says shes putting music on a hold & austin looks shocked knowing how much music means to ally. told ally he couldn't wait to see her when he spoke to her on the phone and ally said the same. and ally gave each other christmas presents: they were a picture of them together at their junior prom, from last dances & last chances. wanted austin to tell dez the truth about why spike stevens hired him. might have been slightly happier than ally when they got back together cause he wanted her back earlier in the season. and ally stared at each other longingly when austin was singing stuck on you. ally said that she just realized why they called the resteraunt "mini's", austin shook his head and smiled like he thought she was silly. said he will never forget the first time he and ally wrote their first song together, meaning that is a special memory to him. bookmark austin gave ally was telling her that whenever he looks at her its only with love. early 2011, lynch was cast in the pilot for the disney channel sitcom austin & ally, playing the lead male role of austin moon, a teenage singer who becomes an overnight sensation after a music video featuring a performance by him is uploaded to the internet. & ally (along with dez & trish) are both very happy that austin is now a senior. & ally both gave each other the same facial expression & hand movement when they were confused about the michael jacksons. was excited about the austin moon special on video countdown live. trish said that now it'll be 'austin & roxy' austin thought it sound weird. ally showed dwayne the lyrics and the tune to the song, austin smiled at her. drove to a store for 12 hours just to help ally attend the graduation ceremony. chose ally over his career, which proved he loves her. looks embarrassed when his parents make him be "prince austin" in front of her, and when he yells "mom!: too bad your driver's test is on the same day as my dad's award ceremony, i was really hoping you could come. ally was talking about the bookmark to trish, she was blushing. seemed really nosy on ally's phone when she took it out & stood really close to her. was worried for austin (along with dez and trish) that jimmy could catch him. it is suggested austin wanted to sing full time with ally as when dez comes up with the idea he gets excited. is worried when ally runs off the set and tries to get her to come back. brought up the possibility of for all of them to think how different their lives would have been if things were different the first day austin came to sonic boom. austin was done singing to ally, she tried to say something, but he stopped her by putting his finger on her mouth and saying, "just come here", to hug him. they won, ally gave austin a big hug, and he hugged back. when ally decides to go to prom alone and austin sees her, he realises he's supposed to be with her and not piper. austin and ally recreate the scene when they perform you can come to me in chapters & choices. makes a 'rockumentary' about austin and ally's history and there are clips of them together from the show, including when they shared their first kiss. had her fingers on austin's lap for a little bit. & ally both say they miss each other at the same time. dez said austin was going to salsa with chelsea, ally said she got that weird feeling in her chest again. they then share their third kiss, hug, and finally get back together. tried to cover the silver shoes on austin's feet so the reporters and anders wouldn't see them.: 10, because austin has 6 letters in his name and ally has 4 letters in her name, and 6+4=10. and ally looked at each other happily during the concert. & ally were both smiling really big when ally was singing that to him. and ally were together more than with trish and dez. austin said that they maybe should move on he looked like he didn't like that idea. austin blamed yourself for ruining christmas, ally tried to comfort him saying, "it's not your fault austin. says she'll hunt for the present later (because austin hid it in an easter egg). and trish high-fived when ally was going to go break up the couple, meaning that austin (and trsih) wanted ally to be happy. and ally admit they love each other again, the first time being in relationships & red carpets. when she saw him, she dramatically ran up to him, hugged him, and spun him around. that is usually what wives ask their husband, "how was work? says "no more austin time, from now on it's austin and ally time. was going to tell trish how everything changed since she and austin dated. critics & confidence is probably the auslly episode because ally was acting like a very supportive girlfriend to austin in this episode and when austin was singing stuck on you, it looked like he was singing to ally and they were gazing into each others eyes. pulled the chair out for ally and pulled her in and she smiled at him. after ally tells austin that she has been offered a record deal with romone records he's really happy for her because he knows that what she has wanted, but then finds out that if she accepts it means she can't go on tour with him and the rest of team austin. & ally both look at each other happily when the band rock the performance.'s nickame for ally, "goose-pickle", refers to the two things she's been shown to like most (geese and pickles), which means he knows what she likes.

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ally started to go away austin ran off the bus and stopped her. looked disappointed that ally had moved showing he really wanted to kiss her. was kicking benny out because he didn't want ally to be mad at him. told ally austin's surprise already so she faked to be surprised when austin showed her the surprise. tries to break up with kira to be with ally. his performance, austin pointed and winked at ally, and she smiled back and gave him a thumbs up. said to ally 'so it's the end of 'austin & roxy'' with a smile. holds austin's hand while its around her & says ok & giggles & smiles. austin told a bad joke, trish was worried about him, because she thought he got dorky from ally. way he hugged ally in the group hug is how he usually puts his arm around her. lynch has recorded a multitude of songs for austin & ally. the plane to new york, austin discusses finally achieving his dream with ally and confesses that he's a bit nervous when she says there will be billions of people watching him. stood really close behind ally when they were looking at dez singing. austin was talking to ally's mom, ally was twirling her hair nervously. & ally (along with dez & trish) reveal billie & bobbie's true colors. was shocked when austin became so deep & insightful & then austin just told her that he was just reading a sign. stares at ally as she walks out of the room with dez & trish. ally came back in, she walked up to austin and they smiled at each other. was happy about the fact austin is having his own doll. another possibility is the way that you do because austin sings about a person and saying they are one of a kind and nobody rocks it the way that they do. they were holding hands, austin was holding the door open for ally & looked at her in a special way & ally smiled at him. ally walked through the door, austin had a big smile on his face, and looked like he was in love! austin said to dez there's smart reason why did spike told dez to do the things that had nothing to do with directing, he said "right, ally? immediately stops playing the guitar when ally says she wants to show them all something. knew the lumberjack was austin and was the only one who knew at first. austin claimed to be over ally, he got upset when dez told him ally wanted elliot to be her boyfriend. little girl blamed austin for ruining christmas and he was upset ally looked at him sadly. austin said, "this six pack needs some sun", and touched his chest, ally smiled. that is basically what happened in this episode, because austin and ally shared a slow dance, they touched hands, gazed into each others eyes, and austin became ally's boyfriend. looked very jealous when austin sang to piper to ask her to prom.'s song she performs is no place like home & it explains what she & austin did together on tour. & austin (along with dez & trish) are worried if dylan will be back. everyone was in the cab, heading towards times square, austin and ally were sitting next to each other. looked at austin happily when he was talking about his comeback show. doesn't want to celebrate the day they met, he wants to celebrate when they started dating. have both written songs about each other (austin wrote steal your heart about ally, and ally wrote parachute about austin). another part of the dance it looks like austin was staring at ally's lips showing he probably wanted to kiss her. trent asks ally to write him a song austin looks jealous and tells him: "buh-bye! ally talks about love and couples, austin looks interested and he keeps looking at her and smiling. hugged ally and spun her around a second time when they first see each other. was impressed when austin did kung fu on the wood. austin admits to piper that he still has feelings for ally, and breaks up with her to be with ally. ally said they could auction off at date with austin, he said 'wait what? unfortunately, ally started dating gavin at the end of the episode, leaving austin heartbroken. said to trish and dez that they need to bring austin's confidence back. dez thinks it's him, austin says he meant him and ally. was trying her best to get austin out of the box.' austin smiled and looked towards the audience and was blushing. austin was acting a little strange ally asked "are you mad? looked like austin was singing 'stuck on you' to ally. seems to get easily jealous if a guy even just makes ally laugh. ally hugged austin she looked like she was about to cry. smiled and said he used to feel he can do anything with ally by his side. when austin and ally are working on their project, ally is called to the studio, leaving austin to do the project on his own. ally was looking at her songbook, austin walked back into the store after saying bye to trish and dez and said, "are you ready to do this?: hey, it's more important that the coolest girl here finally gets her dance. wanted to give her song to kira so that she would get jimmy to let austin come back to starr records. was annoyed when he didn't get to hear ally sing. looked upset when austin said "maybe butch and bitey should just go back to being friends". dez informs trish that austin has been hanging out with brooke, supermodel, and kira recently too, so the two interrogate austin to try to figure it out. auslly hug in records & wrecking balls 💚💚 the true auslly episode is relationships & red carpets, because austin gave up his career so he can be with ally and they both finally admitted they love each other. ally's old camp friend elliot come to visit her, he and ally spend a lot time together and she doesn't have time for austin. austin and ally both wore blue and red in the final scene of relationships & red carpets, after they finally admitted their love for each other. and ally are both shocked to see each other on the show. was happy to see ally excited over a little thing (new maracas came in). after performing i think about you, ally forgives austin and they become a couple.'ve had 9 kisses so far (one glass kiss, comebacks & crystal balls), ally has also kissed austin on the check (buzzcuts & beginnings, seniors & señors) and they almost kissed a couple of times (campers & complications, mix ups & mistletoes), and twice in musicals & moving on). said "i believe in you and together we can go farther than the moon. it is then revealed 6 years later, that austin and ally are more in love than ever and are married with two kids - a boy and a girl - after ally reveals to their kids that austin proposed to her when they were on tour together, in paris, and live happily ever after. held austin's arm when walking over to the fortune teller the second time. the final scene, they were both eating food in sonic boom and austin was very close to ally, and it looked like he had his arm around her waist. when they're dancing, ally asks austin why he broke up with piper, and he said it was because he still has feelings for ally, and never stopped." when his dream is about come true, ally assures him that everything is real. hunks & homecoming, austin got jealous of ally and gavin's partnership and realized he wanted to get back together with her, but he didn't have a chance to tell his feelings to ally, because she went out with gavin, leaving austin heartbroken. & ally both have a good time eating the pancake together. austin was late for catching the thief, ally was really upset because he promised. dezmond got close to them, they both started moving backwards in fear and were really close together. was excited when he heard that jimmy asked to talk to ally. ally's prom dress was red in last dances & last chances when they danced together, and finally got back together.: so have you talked to austin yet about the big kiss? songbook is a birthday/ going away/ ground hog day present & austin chuckles when ally says that." to austin and austin and ally both smile & share a romantic kiss (they share their fifth kiss). said that if she never met austin her dreams would never come true. told ally he couldn't imagine not being able to sing her songs. tells austin she is really sorry about his ankle and that no one feels worse than she does. mentions all of ally's history with austin, even how they fell in love. austin finished singing the song of illusion, he was very close to ally and put his arm on her shoulder. sneaks up behind ally & holds her shoulder & says happy easter-versary. pulled ally slightly closer to him when they hugged the first time. was upset when mikey said he wasn't a fanof ally's. (along with trish and dez) didn't go away to be with austin on their senior year, and ally said that if she left, she would have missed austin. was worried when austin wasn't coming back, cause brooke kidnapped him. smiled at austin when the were sitting next to each other.: but, i don't wanna be a superstar if i have to hurt ally to do it. austin said he would be jealous too, ally said "really?'s new song is possibly about austin since it's a love song & austin & ally are both in love with each other.' as if he didn't want to go on a date with another girl because of his feelings for ally. ally was singing the line 'winter is my favorite time of year because. ally put candles on the piano, gavin thought it was kinda romantic, and austin whispered to trish "lights on! has a huge smile on his face when he sees ally in her wedding dress, possibly thinking she looks beautiful. the gang was listening to a boynado song in sonic boom, austin & ally were dancing next to each other & sang the lines "don't leave me so alone" to each other. offered to help ally with her interview with jett deely and smiled at her flirtatiously. dawson that ally was "in one of her moods" like he was already his son-in-law and patted his stomach. takes the guitar to get it signed by bruno mars for ally because he knows how much she likes him.^ a b c d e list of lynch's albums and singles on billboard:Austin & aly: "ross lynch - austin & ally [original soundtrack]". told ally that this wasn't her showing that he knows who ally really is.: austin, i know you're upset, but i know what i'm doing. song 'who u r' is probably about austin's feelings for ally. likewise, it might be campers & complications, because that was the episode where austin realized he liked ally.

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was disappointed when ally wanted to write another song with gavin. after val crawford sues austin, claiming that he stole steal your heart from her, trish realizes that if austin admits who he wrote it about, it'll prove he wrote it. dez was saying he couldn't wait to find out which songs fans have voted as the top 10 performances, ally turned to austin and smiled lovingly. said if ally'll lose her record deal because of him he would never look in a mirror. ally did the same, but could only come up with "cute nickname". and ally obviously watched tv together because austin says "you mean like the one we saw on that show, america's biggest breakfast foods. said she was feeling a weird thing in her chest with the view seeing austin with another girl. agreed to watch the store for ally, and is unwilling to leave to help dez because he promised, although he eventually does leave. factory is named after austin & ally, they just abbreviate it to a & a. thought that ally wanted to be his something else other than just partner. chuck made ally fall in love with him by the typewriter, austin looked like he was jealous. ally thanked them, austin was the first to say "no problem". austin is putting his guitar down he keeps his eyes on ally. was upset when he realized ally was going to new york.(jimmy walks into sonic boom and austin and ally are sitting down)jimmy: austin and ally, i heard the great news, congratulationsaustin: thanks! maranoever since austin & ally's premiere in 2011, we've been hoping and praying for a real-life romance between these two. & ally were spending alone time together until ridey came in. that it was just a school project, they thought about it as their future, so this episode shows a strong relationship between austin and ally and their future as a married couple. ally then apologises to austin saying she will never push him a side, she mentions their history and says they have always been great partners and she will always need him. austin usually wears a lot of blue and if you mix blue and red together, you get purple. ally said "with love" she looked up into the sky dreamily, probably thinking about austin. 19-year-old actor, singer and songwriter has been speculated to be more than friends with his share of female actresses — mostly from the disney fam — but, what’s been really sparking rumors is his not-so secret rendezvous with aussie model, courtney eaton. ally said she was missing her best friend, austin looked at her with a hopeful look on his face. fell on top of austin at the end of the episode. ally said she was going to miss austin, she sounded as if she was going to cry. austin also wore red when he and ally shared their sixth kiss in karaoke & kalamity. austin came back from getting breakfast ally ran to austin hugging him tightly. told ally he couldn't believe that she already had an interview since applications to college weren't due to for months. ally helps austin plan a perfect date, but then she falls for austin. smiles and blushes when ally tells him she loves him and says he loves her too. at the end of the episode said " want to ride into space" since thats the ride austin (& dez) are so excited about. tries to act like austin's fear isn't silly, even lying that she has the same fear. and ally both admitted they still had feelings for each other. giggled when austin said his left and right side is his good side.: (whispers to trish): we need to text ally for help. got happy when he figured out that ally liked him for a long time. was upset that austin didn't want to date her, before austin explained that he didn't want it to ruin the friendship they already had. later, trish tells ally, austin is going on another date with chelsea (which is actually chelsea's younger sister's birthday party). gavin remembered what ally's favorite coffee was, austin said "lucky guess" in a jealous and annoyed way. after austin writes the lyrics and puts out the new song: steal your heart. was heartbroken when ally was breaking up with him as he took her head in his hand, which is something a boyfriend might do when he is about to kiss his girlfriend. likes horror movies, but ally hates them and thinks they're boring. wanted to make sure ally would have a good time at the beach.", whist smiling, and ally said, "yeah, i am", whilst smiling. says he can't do it without her and calls her awesome and ally thanks him. does his handshake he usually does with dez with ally instead. (probably) almost admitted he loved ally in fresh starts & farewells. austin ate the zalien goop, ally asked him if it tasted good, and he said no. austin turned and looked at trish and dez dancing, austin was touching ally's fingers. seeing them continually staring dez looks at them and says " they're doing it again" implying they have stared at each other a long time before. said that ally already had a great life & listed somethings. ally trips on the chair austin starts to help her, but she jumps up and argues it was part of the dance. lets ally know that he is going to get ridley back. ally said "i don't see it" austin gave her a look.: (excitedly) now, it's really the happiest night of my life. was sad when ally said she was going on her european tour. said the pig smell was really working for ally and then winked at her. seems like austin never wanted the kiss to stop because austin kept going into ally's lips as ally kept leaning back. walter accused ally of honking at him, austin took the blame so she wouldn't get in trouble. had a really hurt look on his face when he said that "it seems like we're not good enough for you anymore & its only a matter of time before you get a new boyfriend with really smart pants on". song chasin' the beat of my heart is most likely about ally. ally came to gavin and they hugged, austin looked at them sadly. moves ally's hair out the way romantically when they are singing. [puts his arm around ally and they smile at each other]. the last scene, austin and ally walk into the practice room and see the old piano (from rockers & writers) and are both surprised how everything is still there from all those years ago. austin is at first concerned, remembering when he wrote call a pioneer ranger, but ally insists that he'll do great and his own songbook. told austin that he was the best dance teacher in miami. gets two of austin's favorite things, cheerleaders and pancakes, to get rid of his fear of umbrellas. possible auslly song could be chasin' the beat of my heart from road trips & reunions because austin could have written it about ally and her being away from tour, because of the lyrics "counting down every second of the day, i'm dying to see your face" making it a perfect song. waved his hand between austin and ally as they stared but they didn't stop, showing nothing could distract them as they were in their "own little world". you're my parachute" she was singing to austin and they were gazing into each other's eyes and smiled at each other lovingly. asked ally if she felt okay and she said yes, meaning he really cared about her. accepted ally's apology in the end and they all fist bumped. austin was playing the piano, ally was smiling and looking at him, then said that was sweet. in the next scene, ally walks back inside after breaking up with gavin, and when slow, romantic music played in the background, austin asked ally to dance, and ally happily accepted with no hesitation. felt very sorry for ally when she got rejected from harvard, because he knew it was her dream college. felt bad when his parents left the store and their t shirts said "austin rocks", and "ally doesn't". the end of the episode, they were seen dancing sweetly together, and ally said "now, this is exactly how i pictured tonight", whilst smiling, and they were dancing together sweetly. ally can't get up, austin grabs her hands and holds them longer than he needs to. the episode, austin and ally were both very upset when they realized that they were in the wrong places and they couldn't see each other. really wanted to help ally so she wouldn't get in trouble. hugged each other after mutually agreeing to be happy for each other.. ally was probably showing how awesome of a boyfriend austin is to her. trish sets ally up a meeting with ronnie romone but after a mix - up, ally fires trish and tells austin. hugged again in the practice room when austin came back. ally was sitting with dez and trish at the table, she was looking toward the table austin and chelsea were sitting at. and ally are both upset that they won't see each other much due to ally going to college and austin being on tour. was smiling at ally when she got into the role playing thing, as if to be happy she was enjoying it. ally said "it's time to get this party started" austin was happy that ally is having fun, copying her phrase. blocked dez when he was making fun of her dancing because he didn't want ally's feelings to get hurt. said she got over her stage fright because she had austin by her side. ally was talking about couples singing love songs to each other she looked at austin for a while. rests his head on top of her's while hugging ally. benny and nijal were about to eat the pickles, austin quickly stopped him, in fear that ally would break up with him. [ally plays at the keyboard] totally don't need my help! thought austin still wants to be with ally and gavin's getting in the way. meanwhile, austin tries to break up with kira to be with ally. their albums have been released (austin in successes & setbacks and ally in records & wrecking balls). supplied austin with everything he needed to write a song, including pudding as snacks. the cardboard cut-outs, austin had his arm around ally and ally had her arm around his waist. they were in sonic boom and were standing the mistletoe, ally looked down whilst blushing and was blushing quite a lot.: yeah, i wasn't going to say anything but, you do smell really good. paused the show in seattle 2 times just for ally, one pleading her to stay, two so that ally could say something to him. said he feels bad that ally isn't here enjoying prom. ally said " austin i hear your great with ballroom dancing" austin said "you tell me" showing they both want to dance with each other. were alone in the practice room, until austin's parents walked in. smiled at ally lovingly when ally said "i had my nanosecond in the sun. was upset when he couldn't be ally's fake homecoming king.: you have to decide: is it gonna be austin and ally, or gavin and ally?Austin Moon | Austin & Ally Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia austin was staring at ally's lip he probably wanted to kiss her. as an actor, he is known for his debut role as austin moon on the disney channel original series austin & ally,[2] and for his role as brady in the teen beach movie series. said he wished he was at prom with ally instead of piper. they leaved ally looked sad and opened the card austin gave her. austin also wore blue when they almost kissed under the mistletoe the first time in mix ups & mistletoes. said she's sorry for austin, because she knew that austin really wanted to be with ally. she expressed that she she writes better when austin is around and she needs him. this drawed her to the conclusion that she would stay on tour with austin. the fortune teller told that austin's comeback show would be a mess, austin and ally looked at each other worriedly. seemed to have a jealous expression on his face when ally was saying "staring at dallas? were both scared when they first saw the ghost of patricia, and were really close together. second time austin showed up at sonic boom in the dream sequence austin and ally stared at each other dreamily while romantic music played." austin looks kind of upset but he gives a small nod., since austin said "i love when you do that", ally had already pranked him in the past, by saying she's somewhere else when actually she's right there.[they both look up at the mistletoe, ally blushes, and they lean in]. brooke said "i love you" to austin, he just looked at her weirdly but when ally says it, he smiles really big, this shows that he doesn't care if any girl says it to him, he only cares if ally says it to him. convinced ally to come to his last performance of his tour. looked shocked when kira said that she and austin have a secret. smiles at austin when he says, "i'm not scared of you claws; i'm not scared of anything. thought ally will be jealous if austin goes on a date with some girl. austin said to ally that he can perform at her fundraiser, he said "you know i'd always help you," in a meaningful voice. & ally both gave each other the same facial expression when trish said " we can do this the easy way or the hard way. said he didn't care about his career anymore, he just wanted to be with ally. looked really hurt when kira came and told austin she would be his girlfriend and hugged him. austin and piper were sitting at the piano, talking about prom, ally was standing behind them, and looked very jealous. and ally have a romantic dance around the music factory. said it was genius that ally made up an alias. called austin and ally a happy "couple" and ally smiled at him. and ally walk into the studio together to try to get ally an audition. dez and trish decide that the only way to get them to became friends again is if they remake the time austin helped ally conquer her stage fright. lied to ally so she wouldn't be angry with him. said that ally smelled good when she was smelling like cooked pig (pork). tried to save austin and kira's date, even though she liked him, because she wanted him to be happy. would rather have his career ruined than to let ally suffer. looks sad when shayle says that ally's dance makes her laugh. was in between austin & ally but once he leaves to go dance with shelby, austin & ally scoot towards each other & puts his arm around ally. kept talking about austin's date with brooke as if she was jealous. was happy for ally when she joined the news team. and dez said it was so romantic and hugged when they got back together, and were both very happy, especially dez. austin and ally are working on writing break down the walls, they share a moment when they're playing the piano together, and their hands touch and they look at each other, blush, and smile.: [comes backstage after austin & ally kiss] austin, i thought about it. puts his arm around ally as he talks to señora gomez and says, "we're all seniors. austin won the competition with elliot he says "he's not so perfect now is he, ally? fresh starts & farewells is possibly the auslly episode, because ally admitted she still had feelings for austin and thought he still had feelings for her. (and trish and dez) was helping austin fixing the dolls. & ally both get offended when dez says his favorite singers are billie & bobbie. austin has a dream about his and ally's future together as a married couple, where ally has not been there for wedding anniversary's.: i think you still want to be with ally, but gavin's getting in the way. then tells ally lets go for the same direction by being a duo. complains about all the customers, so austin tries to help using the magic typewriter. both have/had record deals (austin in starr records, ally in ramone records). at the end of the episode, they are seen dancing together sweetly, and ally then said that the night turned out perfectly cause she was with austin, and they are seen dancing again. put his hands on ally's back and pushed her forward. ally sang the part of the song that goes like "your asking me what makes me feel good, your asking me what drives me wild", ally was looking at austin a little if you look closely at that scene. put his arm around ally when jimmy walked into the store, and ally held austin's hand. my whole tour's been like this one amazing dream (snuggles under austin's arm). and austin are sitting very close to each other in both performances. trish said that its gonna be hard to say bye to the practice room, ally said, "i know.: (smiles) maybe we should go over our lines again, austin. then said 'but 'austin & ally' are back' with a smile. austin and ally tried to fix trish's face when jace was video calling her. & austin wrap arms around each other when austin comes down the stair. the true auslly episode is duets & destiny, because after not speaking to each other for years, austin and ally, now 22, rekindle their love and get back together again. ally asked austin if a feud is more important than two teenagers who wanna be together austin blushed and said "when you put it like that. was happy when she saw austin got the flowers she wanted. austin told ally she have to choose between him and gavin, she got upset. and trish make a movie about austin & ally's journey together in the music industry. ally stood up and said "i like him, let's hire him! ally came to practice room austin turned to her with a small smile. ally started shaking in austin's arm he brang her in closer so that her head went into his chest & both of them were smiling & super happy. anton date is january 10th, 2016, because that was when both musicals & moving on and duets & destiny aired and after not speaking with each other for years, austin and ally, now 22, rekindled their love and got back together again. looked up and down whilst blushing when austin held her hand. (austin was born between december and january, and ally was born in febuary). ally said that they were just acting austin seemed to be disappointed at first. was worried that when ally's career took off, she would leave him. ally goes outside with gavin as he has a horse with him,and she breaks up with gavin to. asked ally if she's seen his guitar and she said no and said that there were weird things going on in sonic boom. said she knows what austin feels because she had a stage fright too. seemed awed at how well ally could play the piano. says that ally can't be with elliot and that he's not right guy for her. tries to help ally up when she falls into the popcorn but she helps herself up. & ally were standing very close to each other in one scene. didn't want austin to get in trouble, so she had dez and trish stall his parents. blushed and looked in austin's direction when jett said, "and that wouldn't be about anyone in particular, say your boyfriend? tries his best to get rid of ally's stage fright. austin tries to make ally more fun by setting up strobe lights, he grabs her hand and spins her towards him, and for a moment, ally was pressed against him. purposely brought the wrong cd so that ally could be recognized. said she's always had this music inside of her but just needed austin to bring it out. ally also wore blue when they kissed in real life & reel life and austin wore blue when he almost admitted he loved ally. austin wore blue in almost every scene in records & wrecking balls, when they spent all their time together. in austin and ally they both wear red and blue in some of the auslly moments. austin was telling ally that he has been watching times square on new year's eve since he was a kid and said "i want to make all those people feel the same way about me" he looked at her dreamily and she replied "you will" and looked back at him dreamily. tries to not hurt austin's feelings when she doesn't like his ideas. austin went up for his performance, he was sitting in the crowd staring & stroking his beard at something which is possibly ally. looks like austin is about to kiss ally before dez comes in. smiled when austin got nervous when he was being interviewed as to think it's cute. apologized to ally, after blaming her for the whole fiasco, and being a jerk. says it's not a good idea for her and austin to compete for jimmy's attention, because she cares about austin and doesn't want to start a rivalry. ally was at the studio recording she put the card from austin at the piano. & ally are both smiling when austin has his arm around ally. and ally went on a trip together to south america. was gonna say "i love you" to ally before he went back onto the bus. they were talking about butch and bitey in front of the producer, they were really talking about their relationship. & ally are both looking at each other intently when singing. they first saw the ghost of dezmond moorehouse the 3rd, they both screamed and ally jumped into austin's arms. pancake for austin to thank him for believing in her. was worried that not being austin's songwriter could affect their feelings for each other. wanted to tell ally that she was annoying in a gentle way, because he didn't want to hurt her feelings. team austin were cutting the doll's hair like at a hairdressers, austin and ally were siting next to each other. 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and ally apologize to each other, austin for implying ally was weak, and ally for saying austin was childish. ally does her red carpet walk, she looks at austin, and when he tells her she should walk in from the side entrance, she playfully hits him on the chest and rolls her eyes. the first hallucination ally had various others in the first scene where she thought a pizza delivery guy, nelson (boy with sousaphone), an old lady, and her dad were all austin. helps realize that austin's new hobby should be teaching music instead of performing it. had her arm around austin's waist when austin had his arm around ally. i'm not supposed to be here with piper, i'm supposed to be here with ally! first time austin bit his lip at ally in this episode is when ally was performing. another date could be september 22nd, 2013, because that was when real life & reel life, when austin and ally shared their second kiss. tried to talk to jimmy about ronnie letting ally stay as austin's songwriter. when he finally breaks up with her, megan takes a photo of them hugging. & ally were both sitting on the couch together, looking at the i-pad. [do hands gesture, ally gives her a look] sorry, i've been hanging around dez. ally and trish came to the party, austin looked them up and down and said they looked amazing. called himself extremely handsome before starting his story & ally called herself extremely beautiful before starting her story. elliot comes to sonic boom, austin says "that's ally's friend? (along with trish) helps ally try to get dez's attention. & ally stood very close to each other for most of the episode. defended austin when trish said "let me save you the trouble: it's not very good". ‘austin & ally’ fans, one question always remains — will austin and ally ever be together in real life? and ally look upset when they find out austin is still a junior. is coming out and austin wants to ask piper to be his date. were acting like a couple in this episode, despite them not actually dating, yet. says "we are pretty awesome, aren't we," and wraps his arm around ally who smiles.: …(smiles) it stink's, but i've already made my choice, and it was the right one(hugs ally) i can't wait to join yoin you on your tourally(excitedly smiles) we're gonna have so much fun! austin got really excited about a kid ride he got a bit embarrased probably cause ally watched that. ally sang the final part of "you can come to me", she turned to austin and they smiled at each other. austin heard that ally and elliot were basket weaving, he attempted to weave his own basket. was disappointed in austin when he (and dez) purposely broke up chuck and didi. austin and kira revealed they had an awesome date and it was the best date ever, ally said, "wait, you guys had a good time? thought of an idea to help austin get the shoes off without the president seeing it. austin was helping her up, he held her hand for a while. they hug after agreeing to 'move on', their hug was similar to their hug in partners & parachutes after austin serenaded ally. says he can't tell ally the bad news because he's her boyfriend. ally sits down she has her hands on the top of austin's arm then slides it down as she sits. they almost hug twice, austin put his hand on ally's back. keeps his arms around ally the whole time making sure she is safe. after ally nodded at him, he quickly let go of her and looked nervous. if you want to be with ally, you should in there right now and tell her how you feel! later in the episode, austin and ally win prom king and queen, and they hug tightly. said she lost track of what's important (referring to austin) & apologized for it. austin replies that he isn't sure, but he knows that he loves being friends with her. looked upset when he ally said her life was empty. they played ally said it was perfect while smiling at austin.-i'm going to miss austin, and i really was looking forward to spending our senior year together. austin and ally were writing the song, they kept smiling at each other.: [to ally] thanks for making me realize how silly my fear is. corrected austin by saying they did it with a smile. of them pictured if they were dating, and they both had a smile on their faces. ally complained that they picked a bad picture of her for the magazine, austin smiled at her. in tunes & trials austin and ally are writing a new song, and ally suggests that austin do the lyrics. and ally are paired together for a home ec project. during the video, ally assured austin that he doesn't have to say anything to them because they're just jealous. gets mad at austin for missing their meeting because she thinks he doesn't respect her. austin was talking to 'roxy' on the phone and trish turned him to ally to show him she's roxy, ally said to the phone 'i think we will make an amazing team' while smiling at him. (ally walks over to austin's right side, and austin imitates the announcer) austin and ally have arrived at the red carpetally: oh, the dress? seemed really sad when she couldn't write a good song for austin.[austin sits at the piano with head hanging down; dez arrives]. made the 6 foot layer cake for austin to let him know he can always count on her. helped to tear down the party to make sure they didn't make ally feel bad. and ally were both wearing red and blue, which are the two main auslly colors, especially red. at the end of the episode the heads of ally, trish, and dez appeared in austin's mind, he looked at all of them, and when he looked at ally's head, he smiled. asked austin if he still had feelings for her and looked extremely interested. at the party austin asked ally what she thought it was, she was embarrassed and said "not your second date with chelsea. then, 6 years later, they were happily married with two children - a boy and a girl - and ally mentioned that austin proposed to her whilst they were in paris together and they lived happily ever after. apologizes again saying "im really sorry about getting so jealous, i was just missing you already". admitted she still had feelings for austin, in princesses & prizes & austin did too by saying he would also get jealous. it could possibly be the color blue because they both wore blue before ally's record deal opportunity, in fresh starts & farewells. singing you can come to me, austin and ally keep glancing at each other before meeting in the center of the stage and staring into each other's eyes. seems upset when trish mentions her history with austin, showing she is still upset about the break up. says something really smart then ally says look now whos wearing the smarty pants. looked really sad at each other when ally said she can't go on his tour if she accepts the record deal. & ally both got each other what the other one wanted even though they didn't win the bet. & ally both had the same facial expression when they thought the kids were spying on them. ally said she's not going to write songs with gavin anymore, austin was happy. looked really happy & bit his lip when ally was opening up her envelope. and ally put their hands together, though they were separated by the glass. said that ally loves manatees and candles, showing he knows a lot about her. gives the note to ally to read instead of dez & trish. austin was telling dez that he was in the wrong group, he still had his arm around ally. austin and ally shared their first kiss in chapters & choices, but kira ruined the moment saying she'd be austin's girlfriend, leaving ally heartbroken. told jimmy he didn't want to hide his relationship with ally. tried to tell ally he wants to be with her. & ally are seen both helping ridley in a booth while trish was waking past with sadie in one scene. (ally gives him a confused look) i wasn't sleeping with my eyes open. we're under the mistletoe again" and was smiling as if she wanted to kiss austin. time austin & ally hugged each other in this episode the closed their eyes. got nervous when ally was upset possibly afraid that she might break up with him. austin had the hallucination with ally and the security guard, trish said "he's doing that again" meaning that austin had previous hallucinations about ally. austin said that ally is the only person who should sing her song, ally blushed and they smiled at each other. and ally admit its been weird not having each other around and that they used to share everything together. gives ally flowers for a thanks for writing the number 1 song on the countdown. was very happy when ally was excited & was very happy to tell dez that ally got into harvard. puts her hand on top of austin's arm & then they both intertwine fingers. gave ally this look for her to please come with them(austin, trish & dez) to see the new zaliens movie. has been dating australian model and actress courtney eaton since september 2015. when they were dancing together, they admitted they still have feelings for each other, and never stopped, and austin then asked ally out, and she happily accepted. the performance ally went to austin and they were singing to one microphone, like in chapters & choices. brandy appears to trish and dez, austin and ally are seen talking. trish and dez reveal that austin and ally broke up 4 years ago and haven't spoken since their break up. ally came and austin looked at her sadly, ally had the same face as him.: [puts her hand on austin's chest] we'll still be in each other's lifes. & ally were spending time together alone up in the practice room in the beginning of the episode. austin, then too admitted he would be jealous if ally were to be on a date. says that she doesn't need pickles anymore because austin is her inspiration, or her goose. snuggled into austin when he put his arm around her. when he accidentally smeared jam all over her face, he apologized three times. was upset when calling austin because she's in the studio and can't help him; and austin was upset too. convinced austin to go and tell ally how he feels. didn't want to see ally suffer, so he sang the butterfly song for her. Dating site for supercar owners | List of Austin & Ally episodes - Wikipedia was happy when ally said she broke up with gavin, and when austin said he broke up with piper, he had a big smile on his face. dez saw the flowers austin gave ally, he thought austin was ally's secret admirer. says he is as passionate about ally as he is about music. felt really bad about calling ally an "evil gutless rat". said "that's not nice" when dez said to ally she will never be like galexis nova: confident and fearless. seemed jealous when ally said she was meeting someone for lunch. was upset that austin didn't like the song, and wanted him to tell the truth. after the duet austin kisses ally, but then kira arrives and agrees to be his girlfriend, leaving ally heartbroken. is seen at prom with piper, but he keeps saying he wants to be there with ally. ally said austin has amazing hair, she actually stroked his hair. puts his hand over ally's mouth to keep her from laughing at chuck and dez. says "i can't imagine writing songs without you" to austin. felt bad that trish and dez kept interrogating austin about the girl he wrote the song about. the beginning of the episode, ally has her head on austin. austin called ally, not knowing she was roxy, ally said "hello" in a flirty way. and as long as you keep writing songs like that, i will always be an ally dawson fan. i wrote all my songs here, we all became friends here", austin grabbed ally's hand and said "i met ally here", and held her hand, as if to say that if it wasn't sonic boom, they never would have met as if it's the best thing that ever happened to him and they smiled at each other, lovingly.: the auslly song is possibly you can come to me because this is the second duet that auslly preforming "don't look down" austin & ally share. smiled when austin out his arm around her & touched his hand. i'm not suposed to be here with piper,i 'm supposed to be here with ally! i love that they love austin and ally so much that they see it in real life as well! another date could be febuary 17th, 2013, because that was when campers & complications aired, when austin revealed he had feelings for ally. & ally were spending alone time in the music factory together. evidence that the song is a bout austin is cause one line in the song says "you're the one who grabbed by heart" & austin has a song about stealing ally's heart. kept mentioning ally at prom, making piper more suspicious about their relationship. the video, austin said to ally "do you want me to say something? austin told her there was an accident, ally got worried and asked if he was ok. didn't deny being in love with ally, he just said "wow. episode was filmed after partners & parachutes, when austin and ally start dating, so it is possible that they were supposed to be a couple in this episode. team austin and ally was talking about christmas party they were staring at each other with a smile few times. (austin and ally still kissing) okay, you can stop kissing now. wanted brooke to win a date, because austin didn't like her and ally wouldn't feel threatened. had his hands up before ally walked towards him for the hug.(ally walks into prom after breaking up with gavin, and walks up to austin). wants to know why cassidy said no to austin, which proves she cares about him. austin said that to her she said "your the best! admired how ally believed in herself even when everyone else hated her dance. and ally were holding hands when they walked into sonic boom. felt bad about being late to the meetings ally sets up and wants to make it up to her. said hey to ally and they smiled at each other. looked happy when dez called him the perfect man for ally. austin and ally then finally admited they love each other! wants to hug ally, and when they finally hug, you can see the huge smile on his face.: ally, i just wanted you to know, that i'm so happy for you. in the final scene, everyone is seen at sonic boom and austin said he made the right choice for choosing ally over his career. tries to impress ally by outdoing elliot with his creative skills. though austin was upset that ally had to go he said" it's cool, i'll get started in the project alone. makes fun of ally's vocal warm-ups and ally smiles at him. wants people to know how talented ally is, and who she is. ally pulled out the mini cake, she looked at austin and smiled. was very excited and started screaming when austin and ally were kissing. and ally were both upset when it was time for ally to leave. said she couldn't wait for austin to come back when the procedure is done.: girlfriends & girl friends is probably the auslly episode as this was the episode where ally first admitted her feelings for austin. trish told ally about her date, ally talked with her about when she dated austin. austin told her he felt like he knew her his whole life. looked at ally he sang the lyrics "summer love hanging in the air". austin and ally later sings a duet at ally's mother book release party. decides that she will not think about austin and focus on her career. congratulates austin on the fake engagement with ally & then austin smiles. was blushing when she was telling trish and dez about the note austin gave to her. was sad when the sneezing panda video took over ally's spot. told austin they will have little time to spend together which made her upset. austin asked ally if they were good, ally nodded and smiled at him. another is not a love song because it is a song specifically about austin & ally and their friendship. they then shared their third kiss and finally rekindled, and they were seen dancing together at the end of the episode. austin takes his arm off ally he keeps his eyes on ally for a few seconds before continuing talking to ally, dez & trish. the hug, austin is kina bringing in ally closer to him & has a good grip on her shoulders. they pull away, austin is still holding onto allys waist & they both stare at each other then austin picks ally up. but then they mentioned the time they were dating, and how it didn't work out, so they decide to 'move on' for now and hug. was way more upset than trish about ally not talking to him and trish, showing ally probably means more to austin than trish. team austin hugged after austin's performance, austin kept one arm around ally and the other arm to hug trish and dez. ally showed up austin was really happy, because he thought she was going on tour with him. the following night, trish, dez, and austin are outside the bus waiting for ally and when she shows up, she says she's here to say goodbye which leaves austin, dez, and teish speechless and upset. another place may be the "jungle cafe", because ally got over her stage fright there, by austin's help, and then they had their first kiss. but seeing you with someone else really made me jealous. performed an acoustic version of can't do it without you for ally. both (along with dez and carrie), felt really sorry for trish that she was being bullied. after trish and dez left, austin came back in and austin and ally leave the store as a very happy couple and head for tour and the episode ends. was kinda flirting when he said "i love it when you do that" when he was thinking that ally was pranking him. the two are playing the piano to write a new song, ally keeps scooting closer to austin. [trish gives her a look] uh, okay fine, i-i like austin and i'm pretty sure he likes me. tried to order a new book for ally online; and he was disappointed when he found out there weren't copies of it. ally was about to sing, austin had her microphone & twirled it in his hand probably trying to impress her then handed it over. dez revealed embarrassing things about austin in front of ally, austin was embarrassed, and ally giggled as if she thought it was cute. ally was playing on the piano, austin entered the practice room, put out his hands in front of the piano, and started playing "better together" to her. wasn't mad at austin when he ruined her fashion show. was happy that they were done writing songs on ally's album. smiled when ally did that & walked backstage with her under his arm. trish is positive that it's about ally, but ally reminds her that she and austin decided to stay friends awhile ago. the first scene, ally says to dez, "don't make us kiss. first song that ally wrote had a lot of sweet things about austin in it, she said that it captures everything he's about, as if that's how she looks at him, and she might have been picturing him with all that stuff in her mind. austin was portraying ally's character's bodyguard, he called her princess. dez made fun of her in the beginning of the episode, austin was the only one who didn't laugh. though ally didn't win the bet yet austin still got ally the moon necklace. didn't want austin to choose between her and his career. austin told ally to jump into the water and get eaten by sharks, ally looked hurt. and ally, as revealed in duets & destiny, are married in the future and have two kids - a boy and a girl called alex and ava. gets ally a bear and a necklace as an anniversary present. austin argued with brooke weather she stole his heart or not, he went straight to ally & put his arm around her possibly showing that ally's the only girl that can ever steal his heart. wanted to prove to ally that he can write his own songs, possibly to impress her. and ally sat right next to each other when emma was explaining the ratio to them, even though there was much more space on the couch. trish was counting the money emma gave her, austin and ally were looking over the city together. ally was singing the line of the song "you can come to me", she smiled and nodded at austin. the performance austin wanted to tell ally he wants to be with her. ally found out austin was going to go on a date with some girl she got really worried. has a dream where he and ally are married and have kids. singing 'who u r' in practice room austin said 'roxy' knows his style, meaning that ally knows his style. you look closely, when they kissed, austin had his thumb up, as if to say, 'finally'. What the difference between dating and seeing each other | Auslly | Austin & Ally Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia admitted to austin that seeing him with chelsea made her jealous and thought it was stupid. first thing austin did when he got out of the sound booth was he ran over to ally to untie her why trish and dez stayed behind and talked. smiled when val said that austin was a great singer and dancer. austin was sitting at the piano with a sad face, ally came to him and stood really close to him. looked at ally whilst she played the piano, like he did in campers & complications when they almost kissed. said he's been learning from the best song writer in the business, referring to ally. ally realized trish was dating someone, she grabbed austin by his shoulders and shook him. says ally hes leaving for tour in an hour then ally gets really mad/shocked then austin says april fools & laughs then ally smiles back. another date could be july 19th, 2013, because that was when tunes & trials aired, when austin and ally admitted they still had feelings for each other. dez and trish were bonding, austin told ally he wished they were like that. interrupted the awards show, so he could tell the world about his relationship with ally. the beginning of the episode, austin practices asking piper to prom, and he practices with ally when he could have done it with trish or someone else, but he does it with ally. in partners & parachutes, austin serenaded ally with the song i think about you, making it a perfect song. kira asked ally if anything happened between her and austin whilst on tour, ally rolled her eyes playfully and smiled. in tunes & trials, austin wrote a love song for ally called steal your heart, making it a perfect song. though austin thought that "ally" was being all weird and crazy, and austin doesn't like girls like that, he still had his arms around ally, this shows that he loves probably loves ally no matter what. ally was telling austin will always be friends austin looked even more heartbroken thinking that's probably all they will ever be but austin knows that he will always want to be more than just friends with her. ally was the only one that figured out the lumberjack was austin before anyone else shows that she really loves him. austin left sonic boom with piper, ally had a sad face. dez said ally would be fine austin still looked worried about her. & ally both smiled at each other when sadie said ridley had a great voice. (dez and trish) all help austin think of some new hobbies. was willing to face her fear to save austin's career. and ally have home ec together and paired together for a project. smiled when he thought carrie said ally is her favorite performer. (along with trish and dez) convinced ally to join them at the zalien convention. couldn't believe it when she thought austin stole the guitar. dez wants to touch the book austin says dont touch my book. two shared a smile when ally said she was also in the time management club. and ally end the season as a very happy couple. this is austin's dream, he is worried that ally doesn't love him back, hence the "seat cushion" thing. both seem to really enjoy slow dancing with each other. dez suggested to ally that she should look for another guy, she looked sad, probably because her feeling for austin are too strong to just move on. was trying to prove to austin that she was fun by coloring outside of the lines. said everytime he went down he saw ally twirling someone, meaning that ally had previous hallucinations about austin. said he wasn't meant to be at prom with piper, he's meant to be there with ally! nodded in agreement with ally when ally was interrogating kimmy. austin came to apologize, she seemed eager to hear what he had to say. grabbed ally's shoulder and sat her down like in rockers & writers and backups & breakups. chelsea, was the girl who won the date with austin. smiles when austin says her performance was amazing and wants to see it again. feels bad that she didn't have enough time to write austin's songs. put his arm around ally and she put her arm around his waist when they were leaving the store. however, since it's a love song, all of his fans try to figure out who it's about: brooke, austin's ex; european supermodel, the fake girlfriend trish made up; kira starr, austin's other ex; and none other than our very own ally dawson. can be inferred that austin knows ally well enough to figure out when she lies. tried to come up with a nickname for ally and "booped" her nose. looked sad when austin said the song wasn't about her. the bookmark austin has a picture of him looking like a cupid with heart where his eyes should be. both played in 'austin and ally movie' in real life & reel life. also, ally finds out that when she conquered her stage fright and her music career was taking off, austin met with another songwriter. was pressed up a lot against ally & squeezed & smiled real big. then austin found ally's new song and finds out that she liked him this whole time. she is surprised and happy he has kept it all these years,Austin wants to perform a duet with ally. club owners & quinceañeras, trish told ally that if she and dallas danced together, they would touch hands, gaze into each others eyes and dallas would become ally's boyfriend. wants to spend senior year with his girlfriend, aka ally. tells ally that the day he walked into the music store (referring to rockers & writers) was the best thing that ever happened to him, because it's where he met her, and ally smiles and is very touched when austin says that. then, 6 years later, they are happily married with two children - a boy and a girl - and ally mentions that austin proposed to her whilst they were in paris together and they live happily ever after. was left heartbroken when ally started dating gavin, because he had lost ally to gavin. (along with dez & trish) were so excited to see that austin didn't leave yet for military school. taught ally how to play the keyboard and held her hand. austin was leaving, ally was fake laughing, the same laugh she had when she liked dallas. was nodding his head and smiling dreamily when jean paul paul-jean said there wasn't a thing that ally couldn't do. ally goes downstairs to apologize for the fight they had in the practice room, austin is seen playing a guitar and the both play music when they are upset so, austin was probably upset about the fight they just had. but if you wanna be with kira and not ally, i can accept that. told austin to follow his heart, just like in girlfriends & girl friends. was the only one willing to help ally pick up her necklace for her photo-shoot of magazine cover. grabs ally's shoulders when he tells her not to give away her song. showed austin (and dez and trish) her decision letter to harvard. on the day of the project, austin and ally get fake married and share a romantic fifth kiss. tried to comfort austin when he felt bad about dez getting fired. said sorry to ally after he said she was annoying. told ally he was going to cancel the rest of his vacation to help ally with her dance video. turned away from ally for a while and said that he should have gone first to himself. ally was playing the piano austin was looking and smiling at her and it looked like he was looking at her lips. was worried about how many people would make fun of ally if she made an entire dance video. told austin that she really did care about his career. make it up to austin that she couldn't write him a song, ally offered to let austin have one of hers. austin and ally were then seen on a date and they agreed to try to not act like a couple, which was really hard for them.'ally: look, now it's probably the best time to do this.: it's gonna be really hard saying bye to this place. ally's awesome, but i don't feel that way about her", and called her awesome. austin fell and hurt his knee ally walked over too him and asked if he was okay. tried to get in the way of ally and gavin. trying to convince ally to become his partner, austin says they're a perfect match. listened to ally when she said they should wait during the first two contestants' performances. said ally definitely deserves half of the credit for his album. was happy when ally knew how to play keyboard again. austin gave ally a card with the words 'thinking of you' on the front, and he almost admitted he loved her. austin's performance, he had a delusion that a security guard was ally. the four had a group hug austin and ally were standing next to each other. while on the date ally is watching them and gets upset. was worried about austin because he got a shock and was knocked out for a while. another possibility is the song stuck on you from critics and confidence because the whole time austin is performing the song, he and ally are gazing into each other's eyes. they're shooting the last scene, ally is sitting on austin's chair. as far as we know, the two have never even formally met! looked very heartbroken when he saw ally and gavin together at the beginning of the episode. i really wanted to sing for you guys, but there's only time for one song. was upset when ally didn't want to write a song later. austin said he got his confidence back and he'll not see their heads anymore and walked away, ally's head said, "good for you, austin!", he glances at her then back to mimi, as if he is telling her not to embarrass him in front of ally. was the most sad out of dez & trish telling austin that they can't stay with him for senior year. another date could be june 22nd, 2014, because that was when hunks & homecoming aired, when austin admitted he still had feelings for ally and wanted to get back together with her. and ally first met in rockers & writers, where they became music partners. told ally he doesn't like the fact that she spends time with gavin and not him. said that she was glad that she forgave austin because look how awesome it turned out.[stil hugging] ally: i can't imagine writing songs without you. ally fell in the bowl of soup, austin looked scared for her and tried to run towards her, but trish was in the way. gave ally a card, which on the cover was written 'thinking of you'. and ally ran into sonic boom together (because they were being chased by dogs). Dating a black woman for the first time | Ross Lynch - Wikipedia & ally are standing really close to each other un the scene where sadie is talking to ridley. are dating in this episode as it was filmed after last dances & last chances. the two part series finale, musicals & moving on and duets & destiny, austin and ally's relationship doesn't go well and they break up for 4 years, which causes them to not speak to each other for that long, but from the help of trish and dez, they perform a duet together and rekindle. another date could be august 24th, 2014, because that was when last dances & last chances, when austin and ally got back together and shared theit third kss. dez put his hand up holding a mistletoe austin and ally thought he wanted them to kiss. and ally were sitting very close to each other with their arms touching on the couch two times throughout the episode. the beginning of the episode, ally had a hallucination in sonic boom that the mail delivery guy was austin. said "it means you can get a new girlfriend when ally dumps you" he said austin was her girlfriend.: (puts his hand on ally's shoulder, smiles) i don't want this to be about me, i want this to be about you. dez said to ally that she can do anything austin nodded with a smile.^ "austin & ally: take it from the top (music from the original tv series) - ep by ross lynch & laura marano on apple music". trish was yelling at dez austin and ally ran away in the same direction. looked concerned for ally when she was stuck in the plastic ball with kira. smiles real big and lifts up his eyebrows and blushes when ally kisses him on the cheek. said austin was the perfect guy for her to be with. likes ally's idea of starting a music factory & joins in. trish and dez went to check out the zalien's spaceship, austin said he'd stay with ally to protect her. looked shocked and happy when ally hugged him for the first time. he later realises that he still have feelings for ally and decides he wants to get back together with her. blames austin for ruining something but austin swears that he didn't. team austin is watching dez's music video, austin and ally are standing next to each other. gave austin a scarf with all of their names on it. trent challenged austin to a dance-off, ally gave him a knowing look and told him he didn't have to prove anything to trent.: [smiles and holds austin's hand, then slightly hesitates] give me a second to think about it. at one point went to the water park together and austin encouraged ally to go down a big water slide. the first scene when they were working on a song, austin was wearing blue.: [stares off into space, daydreaming about what it would be like if they were dating] yeah, it'd be weird. bit his lip two times at ally during this episode. got upset when trish and dez told her austin was going on a second date with chelsea. and ally both ask each other how the last few months have been for each other. (and dez) helped ally get the pig off of her. said he was just trying to protect ally from an embarrassment. austin sings "girl, you got it too" he looks and points at ally. said it was cool that austin bought a car for dez. looked more hurt that austin didn't believe in her than trish because she was looking into austin's eyes more than trish's. said "ally, when i first met you, i had no idea that you'd be the best thing that ever happened to me. jokes with ally saying they have 18 hours to write the greatest song ever (referring to rockers & writers) and she giggles and smiles at him. middle names, edgar and monica, are traditionally used for the opposite gender. when he wants to admit his feelings for ally, she tell him that she and gavin are going out, leaving austin heartbroken. smiled when austin said, "huh, do you think i look good with a mustache? kira was about to perform, austin looked at ally sadly. tried anything he could to interrupt ally and gavin, and to win ally back.(austin and trish are trapped in the practice room, with brooke). & ally both stall the audience & keep looking at each other while doing it. tried to cheer ally up when she said that she didn't understand why trish didn't tell her by saying that trish probably felt weird about it. revealed that she and austin went cloud watching together, and were the only ones there, as if it was a date. admits to trish that the songs she wrote are actually about she and austin, which he overhears..Ally: look, i'm really sorry that i didn't have time to help you write a new song. then austin comes back inside and almost admits his feelings to ally, but then gavin turns up. and ally were really looking forward to walking the red carpet together at the worldwide music awards, and wanted to tell the world about their relationship, but jimmy said they're not allowed to go together, which really upset them. the kiss, before they hugged, austin looked ally lovingly and had a huge smile on his face., so basically we can just hope that when the show ends (in like, 15 years) they will end up dating.^ "laura marano says filming the 'austin & ally' series finale was 'so emotional'," people's choice, december 17, 2015. laughed when he saw that ally was runner up for a macaroni necklace contest when she was 9 & gave her a playful look. austin realized his feelings for ally in campers & complications and they almost kissed in the end of the episode. wraps his arm around ally when he says he is as passionate about her as music. just as ally is about to leave, austin runs out of the bus and almost says 'i love you' to her but doesn't have the courage so instead gives her a letter instead saying 'thinking of you' on the front. ally went up to perform, austin tried to get her to relax by telling her she was going to do great. suggested that austin should try to come up with the lyrics for the song and told him that just because he struck out once doesn't mean he should stop trying. and ally were alone in the practice room talking abut the performance. tried to go into ally's dressing room (but ally wouldn't let him in). and ally sat really close to each other on the piano bench. (aus/tin and a/lly) is the official romantic relationship between austin moon and ally moon. makes austin the pancake even though he didn't win the bet. they have group hug, austin leans his head on ally's. looked concerned for ally when she said she wasn't able to participate on the graduation ceremony. apologises to ally for thinking she would get a new boyfriend when at harvard and she tells him she never will and that she loves him. ally stared at austin and said she felt like she knew him with a smile. austin realized he had his arm around brooke & not ally, he immediately removed his hands. told austin that she needs inspiration writing songs and austin is her inspiration. wanted to surprise ally by teaching the kids to perform play my song at the showcase.'s hair got in austin's face when she was pulling back from the hug. austin told ally he didn't buy her anything she said 'what? asked austin if he was okay with her writing for someone else. looked at ally lovingly when she said she forgot how important the music factory was to her. didn't want austin to know that she wanted to end their partnership.(carrie walks up to him, and hears what austin said). gets really excited when ally admits she likes austin, showing that trish also ships auslly, and that she has been waiting for this to happen. austin said it wasn't her fault and she just wanted to help him to defend her. trish and dez told ally she needed to hurry up and write a song for austin before people forgot him, austin defended her and told them to cut her some slack. austin and trish finally get to see ally, austin is the one that trys to hug ally, showing he really wanted to hug ally. was really freaked out when ally was about to return her library books & was going to chase her but was stuck on the ride. the hug austin puts his head into her neck & rests it there. said to trish that he and ally are not getting back together with a sad face. was very upset and worried that he couldn't find ally's book, probably because he thought ally was going to break up with him if he didn't return it. the episode ends with ally looking at the card while playing the piano and austin playing the guitar. says 'well, rules are rules' with a smile, as if she really wanted to kiss austin. said ally is an amazing songwriter and performer to the audience. the audition austin said they'll never find a songwriter who would replace ally. looked really hurt when she overheard austin telling dez he wanted to be with kira. & ally stood very close to each other throughout the episode. dez brings out the umbrella hat, ally cuts in front of austin to comfort him. was very happy that the band was doing great on ally's song. was wearing the same, jacket that he wore when he kissed ally in chapters & choices when he sang steal your heart.: as long as you keep performing songs like that, there will always be austin moon fans. when austin realized the same thing, he did as well. doesn't want to sell austin out to the mall association when she thinks he stole the guitar. and ally wore blue and red in dez's story, which are the 2 main auslly colors. & ally sit very closely to each other on the couch. tells ally that its okay, possibly so that she wouldn't be so upset. when he finally ask her, ally says no, because she doesn't want to go with a wrong guy. told austin that he didn't have to do that for her. he describes the same characteristics ally has, meaning the song. was happy when ally finally got her first gold star. takes austin's hand and says, "i don't want to put any pressure on you austin," and smiles. made a soap ally bride, and a soap austin groom to put on top of the cake. hunks & homecoming is possibly the auslly episode, because austin got jealous of ally working with gavin, and realized he still had feelings for ally and wanted to get back together with her.(ally is seen dancing and austin is staring at her, and trish walks up to him). neither trish or dez knew knew who ally was dressed up as, austin pretended to know for her and ally smiled at him. 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