How does duo queue matchmaking work

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How does solo queue matchmaking work

three restrictions to competitive matchmaking:If a player does not have a competitive skill group, they will not be able to queue in a party with a player having a very high skill group., starting with the june 10, 2015 update, players were required to have a profile rank of at least private rank 3 to be eligible for competitive matchmaking.

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of the actions that can trigger a cooldown only count when they occur during competitive matchmaking games. for a competitive game, either from "find a game" or "play with friends," will enter the player/s ( between 1 and 5 ) into a waiting queue.

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: elo will be recalibrated for the new matchmaking system over the coming weeks. a player does not participate in competitive matchmaking for 28 days, the player's skill group will be hidden, and will require the player to win or draw an additional competitive match to be re-placed in a skill group.

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such as teamkilling, excessive team damage, or a player being repeatedly vote-kicked from matches in competitive matchmaking.'s possible to receive a 10 minute cooldown due to the servers disconnecting players and it then rejecting their reconnection attempts or because an update was released in the middle of your matchmaking game. Sitemap