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one regret is that my fiance's father passed away 4 years ago and isn't here to see how happy we are, but i believe that he knew all along that we'd be happy. but, family checks and support came and suddenly i'm having a formal june wedding., the only true too long is if partners are mismatched in their timeline and expectations. i want a wedding to celebrate with family and, even more importantly to me, to ritualize our marriage, but i'm good with being treated as common-law spouses for now. we got engaged (at my parents house), my parents asked us what we wanted for breakfast after we broke the news rather than saying congrats." we got married on the exact 10 year anniversary of our first date. i've seen this with other long-term unmarried het couples, too: people start to assume maybe you're using your relationship to protest marriage inequality. the engagement was a running joke to those around us and that hurt sometimes, but we knew we were going to get around to it one day. even if something comes along down the line, we can deal with it because we know each other really well. we had our daughter when we were 18 and not even two months later they were asking us about getting married! family's reticence may be because i've been married before and they don't want to push me; his family is accepting of the fact that, as far as they're concerned, we're just weird. marriage just would have make us feel like we couldnt change and now we do know how to change together, we know it can be done and we respect our individuality. boyfriend and i have been together for almost 9 years, engaged for 8 years, 3 kids and a flat that we bought together. we're still having a wedding in april, but for now we're "secret" husband and wife and it's working well for us. 10 years and 6 months after we started dating, 7 years since we got engaged. it sucks trying to defend our relationship all the time, but we know we were meant for each other and we're not going anywhere.’ve been friends with my bf for 10 years, lived with him for 5 â½ , and been “dating” for 4 â½ . i just heard about two people that are 70 something and 90 something, and they have been dating for 50 years, they didn't even live together that whole time.'ve been with my boyfriend for 4 and a half years, and we just got engaged, and by the time we get married, it will be 5 or 6 years of being together. me, the longer our engagement ran, the more i began to realize how many times i had been forced to put my foot down and make decisions if anything was to happen. marriage is not feasible for another 2 years, when we both have stable jobs- and, oh yeah, don't live five thousand miles apart! the same time, after living with fh for over 4 years, there is no doubt in my mind that i can live with him forever without being annoyed all the time ;)so relating to my personal fear of marriage…this 'long engagement' has made me confident that not all marriages fail 🙂.. as we were the first non-shotgun first wedding in my hubs family, we were pretty sure that everyone thought i was pregnant at first. it's a little weird, but i chalked it up to projection. we have 3 kids, have lived together for the past 10 years, we have to pay for our own wedding and just haven't had the spare money! we would have been just as committed to each other but not recognized as such, which is important to us. and i decided that i wanted to get married after all, because really, i never thought i'd find someone as awesome as the guy i am marrying, so maybe it was ok to change my mind. they had one child by this time and seven sad miscarriages in between. both knew within two months of meeting that we would definitely get married. when people asks us when are we getting married, we say… we are working on it, maybe next year, my ex is a nut and it might stir up issues ect… i am ready now, however i feel he is not. we have already stood the test of time (10 years) but making it official is so special.

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we got our rings custom-made, so my guy didn't have any when he proposed.“couples who had sex the earliest — such as after the first date or within the first month of dating — had the worst relationship outcomes,” bryner claims, given the results of one study conducted by researcher dean busby and his colleagues at brigham young university’s school of family life. friends of mine who've divorced relatively soon after getting married having been in the relationship for many years previously have all said, in their own words (which i am summarising) that the relationship was already on its way out, that getting married was more of a last ditch attempt to save the relationship. having those 8 years to grow and learn about one another have prepared us for the long road ahead of us. since our familes aren't super excited about the wedding, that means they're not trying to force their plans into mine, so i get more freedom this way. we, ehem, were strapped for money high school and then college student. i am so happy we waited til we were ready and settled (i moved to europe for graduate school a couple yrs ago, then after that we found jobs, a house, etc and got married). it's only 'too long' if one person wants the commitment and the other doesn't. we never wanted to combined our children, since we both never had to go through that situation. we live on our own, are financially independent from our parents, own a house, etc.'m a bit lucky, as my fiance and i are engaged at 21, and really only a few friends know about it, as well as why we aren't rushing to get married (jobs, student loans, etc. we got married 3 1/2 years after we'd met, with a year long engagement. have lost counts of your fights; you are used to his or her crazy antics, you know each other way better than themselves, you have seen each other’s highs and lows, you still haven’t tied the knot but you are already acting a like married couple… may be because you have been with each other, since you don’t know when. the most frustrating comments i've gotten imply that we aren't engaged because we aren't actually *that* committed to each other. we haven't made any set-in-stone plans yet and probably won't for awhile, for a number of reasons: he was hurt at work, can't walk without assistance and wants to be able to walk at our wedding. if we had waited longer, it would have ruined it for us. my mom asked when we would have an engagement party, i told her i didn't think it was appropriate since that sort of celebrates when the engagement is new, which we are clearly not. but my husband wanted a big wedding, with all the stuff, white puffy dress, big cake, dancing all night and so on 😀 so we had 2 weddings – one small and one bigger. feel like we're gradually slipping into this point where people treat him like my common-law husband. i do think the long engagement is making people less excited about our wedding, though – when i try to talk to my parents about wedding planning, they don't really seem interesting in actually going out and helping me do anything (like scope venues. but then we were engaged for four years… however, our wedding planning only lasted 8 months, after we had for sure nailed down a wedding date. we began to fight bitterly, but without each other, we'd be alone. when we finaly talked about it we found out we each thought the other never wanted to get married. we were together 6 years before my partner proposed and are getting married on our 7 year anniversary. at that four year point, it felt like people started assuming if we hadn't gotten married yet, it was because we didn't want to — not just that we hadn't gotten around to it. it took me 7 years to finish college and i'm finally in what i consider a stable job with good benefits. we've both wanted to be married, but weren't ready till more recently (me a tad before him though ha ha). on top of that, we were still pretty young and i feel like we worked through a lot of pressures between our engagement and now that would have been worse if we had gotten married right away. i feel that there would be no difference when/if we get married. were together 5 years (almost exactly) when we got married and had lived together for 4. there is that weird phenomenon of long-standing relationships falling apart after making it legal.

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years now and although i know my family is just waiting for us to be married, i think if we just went and eloped, they wouldn't be suprised. were together for three years, which didn't seem too long to me. i probably would have dragged the engagement out longer, but he wanted to get married pretty much immediately after we got engaged. part of the human race, we've all been blessed with a limited stock of patience, which is why our society has gravitated towards a system of instant gratification. when we explain that we first want to get rid of our mountain of debt so we can start saving to have the over-the-top party we'd like; that we're geeks and pi day means a lot to us; that we see no point in rushing into a wedding that won't fit our personalities; and, most importantly, that it's another way of committing ourselves to a long life together, especially since both our families are extremely long-lived – people nod, shrug and accept it. we hit our "first" anniversary a few weeks ago (although we've been together for 7 years, living together for 6 & 1/2 of those) & i think we're in a good place 🙂 everyone asked "how's married life? i don’t remember what it was about, but i remember feeling like we were speaking different languages. importantly, while we're both excited about our wedding and reception, our actual marriage is something that we're already living day to day. which point i had to stop her and explain we haven't gotten married yet because we want it to be our wedding. so our anniversary party invitations tend to be along the lines of 9th/2nd anniversary party "because two years ago we got married – and nine years ago we made out on a sofa. we're just as happy together now, if not more than we were four years ago. once he returned from iraq he admitted that he didn't want to ask before he went in case he…you know, didn't come back. nearly seven years together before getting engaged, two year engagement, now we've been married for one year. we update every weekday with tons of inspiration & advice for couples trying to build weddings full of intention and personality.. we were together 5 years when we were engaged, married a year later, and now are approaching our 2 anniversary with 8 total years together. yes there is such thing is too long… when someone in the relationship wants to get married, and the other one doesn't. that we are happy as pie and getting married, i'm happy with that choice. had our baby first…in fact, we were first engaged in april and planning a wedding for october, then i got pregnant in july and decided that i don't want to be a pregnant bride and we would get married after the baby was born…so instead of 6 month engagement, i had an almost 2 years engagement. it was important to us to make the public declaration of our lifelong commitment at the beginning of our life together. my own parents have been together 30 years and are not married. that, and we went through a lot of growing pains together – things that might have seemed even harder if we'd felt locked in. west ‘false idol’ crucifixion sculpture in hollywood is creepy af. unless either of us develops a wild new character flaw, i think we are business as usual. we've been talking about getting married someday for years, and we've reached a point where emotionally, we both are ready to get married, but my parents are (generously) putting me through nursing school, 4 years of which i just started. it never occurred to anyone that maybe neither of us were in a place in our lives where we felt we were ready to be anyone's husband/wife. we knew we wanted to wait to get engaged until after we both got our bas, and married sometime while i am working on my ma or phd. so we can ride this engagement boat for a few more years and get things ready. we stay too long in relationships because we’re in love, or because of perceived failures. for us, thirteen plus years of dating and one year and 3 months of an engagement will be just perfect. i'm so happy, looking back, that we waited as long as we did because we were able to have the wedding we wanted and in our timeframe (not the army's). over the length of our relationship, my future husband and i have been to many weddings that have since ended in divorce.

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" i was honest with my now fiance about my feelings and told him i wasn't sure if we were on the same page, however i also had a lot to think about because in general our relationship was otherwise great. fiance and i have been together for three years (just about). so now, i have this ring, we live together, but there is no wedding date in sight. we get married this summer, my man and i will have been together almost 12 years. alexander, a relationship coach, told webmd,“it becomes much more difficult to objectively see each other’s character traits [when sex is introduced early]. am part of a gamer's circle and we have several couples in our group. we have two little girls who are 2 and 3 and i often hear people comment that we will never get married or that if we do that i now would have to settle for a little wedding or elope etc. it would be really stupid for us to get married before we graduate, and then keep living in dorms!, once we see something we like, we're not satisfied until we have it., when we annouced our engagement, everyone followed up with "oh! for me and my fiance, yes, it was possible to wait too long to get married. just one more example of how we don't fit in with the norm but don't really care 🙂. people who have asked have been quite content with our reasoning for only getting married in 2015 (we've been together for four years at this point). now we're both happy with our timeline and our long engagement (we're getting married oct. is been too long, you two started out as a couple and now you two have transformed into best buddies to each other. understand taking a few extra minutes to perfect their craft goes a long way and – in many cases – can be the difference between good and great and great and outstanding. my fiance and i told everyone we were getting married, the first question asked was if i was pregnant… like really? husband and i got engaged after two weeks of dating (officially after a month), but then we were engaged for two years.'ve been together seven years and finally got engaged a few months ago, but i did nearly get to the point in the few months before we got engaged of "is this really working" and "do we really want the same things. had been together for 5 years, living together for 2 when we decided to get married. i've always been fiercely independent, college and career driven and vowed i would never marry. we have been through so much and it is so awesome to know that we are pledging to be together on the day that we decided to be together 10 years ago. we'd already survived several rounds of unemployment, interstate moves, college graduations, and holidays spent with each other's families. if someone does push, or says things like it's such a long time to wait that we may not even be together then, i tell them as politely as i can that i don't allow anyone except those in my relationship, to make any decisions about it. funny bit is, we started dating as teenagers, and at that point in our relationship, if we brought up marriage, everybody would tell us we was far too young to think about it.) i can't tell if it's because our engagement is too long,they're too busy, or they really think we're stupid for getting married. i know some people wait to get engaged for when they know they can have a wedding right away, but i figure if engagement is a commitment to get married, then why not? because someone is wearing dreadlocks who is not african-american, doesn't . and i were together for over six years before we got married, and living together for five of those. not for us and i'm not really concerned if it's too long for anyone else. parents started asking us when we'd marry, and saying things like, "getting married isn't anything different than what you're already doing.

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i'm 21, he's 24, and we're approaching a point where it seems less crazy. we have broken up twice and survived many ups and downs in just about every situation possible. like i said, as humans, we're not the most naturally patient creatures on earth. course, waiting until marriage is a bit extreme, but still, these statistics do present a strong case for waiting — however long you choose to — instead of rushing right into sex. i know they are happy for us but i've come to terms with the fact that i don't need their excitement to fuel my wedding energy. sometimes the challenges aren't based on how long you've been together — but how long you're planning the wedding. eloped after the stress of wedding planning got to us. after 7 years and 3 months we moved in together with only my two boys, his are older now and out of the house. we've considered pushing our wedding back a year to save more money, but i'm like, "please don't keep me in this hell of wedding planning any longer i'mgoingtogocrazyandshootsomething…. we had actually made half-assed attempts a few times, and eventually people stopped believing us that we would get to it. who took the time to write sh*t out on index cards, however, almost always flourished (academically, at any rate). we'd been dating for nearly nine years and engaged for over a year when i realized that, yaknow what, i wasn't going to drag my groom to the altar. we're all getting married now but without exception it's not a matter of promising in front of family or any meaningful thing. we've raised his sons from his first marriage and are both more concerned with getting them into college than hosting some expensive party." and only then you realize that you have been together for quite some time. our engagement was about 11 months from proposal to wedding, and it felt comfortable. of offbeat bride: creative alternatives for independent brides, ariel acts as the publisher of all the offbeat empire websites. i had moments of weakness in college where all i wanted to do was get married and move on post to be with him, but thankfully he's a lot more level-headed than i am and we always came to the decision that it just wasn't the right thing to do. decided to propose to my oh (and will do in two weeks! we believe, and i firmly agree with this, that the deaths you deal with, the periods of unemployment, the times of sickness – this make you a family. brides purchase a dress, and then a different one a year later, and then a third a few months before the actual wedding. first of all, my man and i got engaged within a few weeks of meeting." & my answer is always "the same as it was before, i just have a longer last name. met my first husband when i was 17 and in my first year of college, and we moved in together when the spring semester ended, because i didn't want to move back home for the summer and couldn't afford my own place. 20 years of staying too long at the party, i identified 4 patterns that help me recognize when a relationship is over. the flip side, ever since we first started living together, it's been like we've been married the whole time anyways. dating apps and sites if you’re single and looking to mingle. we both came into the relationship with a lot of emotional baggage and trust issues, and it took us awhile to work them out and learn to just be comfortable together. my to-be hubs and i will be at 9 years when we get married, so when we hit our "1 year anniversary" we will also be celebrating 10 years together. after many years, moves, job changes, and a brief stint in couples therapy, we were in the middle of yet another argument. my daughter has been out of my house for 3 years.

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when we'd been together a year, he wanted to change schools and move across the country. even had some friends assume we weren't married yet because we hated the idea of marriage — you know, like they did. no plans for a wedding yet, whenever i mention it…….” quite matter of factly she answered, “why should i have to worry about how you feel? who were getting engaged an married within a year or two of meeting their spouses were giving us serious beef.. can u please help me make my own creative hashtag for my wedding.' when people asked us when we'd get married and then ended up divorced. except, my husband is an academic (that's how we met this other couple), and many of his other academic friends are … married. why can't people just be happy that we've decided to make a commitment to each other, rather than why it isn't happening omg right now asap! if your offbeat spouse says i want to wait longer and you don't, you still get to talk about it. husband and i had been together for almost 5 years when he proposed, & we had been best friends for 2 years before we started dating. that's okay, as long as it keeps them all off our backs. my guy waited until we were both ready and now we are both really excited to be married and to live together. reasoning behind this belief is once sex is introduced in the early stages of a relationship, this “rewarding area of the relationship overwhelms good decision-making and keeps couples in a relationship that might not be the best for them in the long run,” as busby explains. me and mine started dating when we were 16/17 … nobody wanted us married, then. our friends even joked with us that we were their 'favorite little married couple'. i've definitely seen times when a four-month engagement has been easier on couples than a four-year engagement. partner and i have a long-term long distance relationship, and currently live 3 hours apart. we were 16 and 19 when we met, and everyone would have tried to stop us if we had said we were getting married then, and it wouldn't have been good for us. then i turned 29, and all my friends were getting married…or divorced. other than that i don't think we have waited too long. and i really don't think anything is going to change when we get married except that every time i think about him i'm just a little more excited and feel a bit more in love. it was awful, and unexpected, but when i was ready to be honest about it with myself, i realized we never should have married at all. dating apps and sites if you’re single and looking to mingle. apparently he and i must be having some secret issues or problem because we weren't getting married. to bryner, “relationships fared better and better the longer a person waited to have sex, up until marriage, with those hitting the sack before a month showing the worst outcomes. it amounted to paper and a celebration as we've been married in our hearts for many many years. wanted a small wedding, not because of the baby, but because i love small weddings, it just feels so intimate., as a side note… i hope all the long-term couples out there don't discredit their pre-marriage years. my one regret is that she was not able to be there on our wedding day, which will be this june. we've grown together and apart and back together and are stronger than ever.

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don't think you can wait to long to get married. really enjoyed this post and often get the same questions as my partner and i have been together for over 8 years and are now getting around to the marriage part of our relationship. college, if you breezed through your studies (to get a jump start on day-drinking), your grades were probably reflective. some people are genuinely afraid that their relationship will end in divorce (like their parents did) and it takes them a little longer to come around. fiance and i have been together just over 4 years on dec 18th, he proposed on christmas eve. reported while 40 percent of couples are “essentially sexual” within the first two dates, when individually asked if they could trust their significant others with their pets for the weekend, “many could not answer this in the affirmative. there was nothing left to do but to begin the long process of untangling our complicated relationship. give you 15 most definite signs that you have been dating someone for too long! i got so annoyed at people asking about the ring that i bought one for a until the real ones were done. i did, however, get more than one inquiry about whether i was pregnant or not.”this shows the lack of true trust between a great deal of sexual partners, today. we met 10 years ago in september and in march we will have been together for an official 10 years. my fiance an i have been together for about 8 years now, and i find that when i tell people we're getting married, i don't get much of the excitement or energy that i was hoping for. i can't imagine getting married earlier in our relationship — by that time we had worked out a lot of stuff and gone through a bunch of things together that just proved to us that we made sense. signs a relationship is over when it comes to dating, why do we often stay too long in unhealthy relationships? he waited until '09, when we'd been together for 6 years and he'd been out for 1, to propose. a lot of people thought we moved way too quickly, but when you're absolutely sure, there's no reason to adhere to anyone else's timeline., after i began to put humpty back together again, i wondered: why is it that when it comes to relationships, we often hang on tighter even when evidence shows that there’s just nothing left for us there? we have gotten through the passing of 3 grandparents, and his mother. we moved in together with the intention of marriage from the start. my fiance thinks that elopement won't work, but we're both decision-phobes and i think eventually when we eventually get around to planning an actual "wedding" he'll realize that elopement is more our style anyways….“shona aap kha lo ye” doesn’t exist between you two anymore unless you are full. us we launched on january 1st, 2007 to support the release of seattle author ariel meadow stallings' book, offbeat bride. especialy since my grandma dated her current husband for 20 years before they got married, but they have been together since 92 so i supose she was just making sure. we're still in our mid 20s but have 2 kids, house, etc. we've been together since we were 15 and just enjoyed being with each other. if we had waited much longer, the wedding would have been just an event and not really commemorating the beginning of our commitment. we were 17 on our first date and then went on through college, break ups, no money, separations, evolutions as people, grad school for me, living on our own, finding our own way as people and i know for a fact that if we'd married much more than maybe a year or two ago, it would have been a huge mistake and i wouldn't be walking down the aisle with the ultimate best friend of my life.) we had a 15 month engagement, which was almost too long? years before marriage and long engagement don't bother me, in fact it seems a little short. a few years ago, we were always getting pressure about getting married, and now that we finally are, neither of our families are excited about it.

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we have been living together for 7 years and i'm in college, and i want to finish my chemical engineering degree in three years. my fiance is happy, he's always been a romantic and wanted a wedding. we finally got engaged, and nobody seems to care at all! not something put together all quick just for the sake of getting married but because we want to celebrate us…. i'm tired of people asking us why we're "waiting so long" to get married… he is in the midst of graduate school, and we are both still financially dependent on our parents. said, in the past year or so, it's been a transition from "you are way to young to decide that you are getting married someday" to my mom keeps accidentally calling him my husband. were still pretty young when we married – 24 – so i was glad we'd waited that long. we also got the initial round of "ooh, are you pregnant? however, i do really like the fact that we have been together nearly 4 years and that our wedding will be our 5 year anniversary. this reason, most michelin starred restaurants have long wait times before food is served. i've been trying not to be wishy washy about themes and ideas and whatnot, but i've had so much time to think about it and i keep finding things i like more. neither are our parents, so we'll have the wedding when we can afford it. we've done the marriage preparation classes our church offers and we both feel that we're committing ourselves to each other and to building a base which enriches us as indiviuals and strengthens us to nurture our children. don't think there's such a thing as 'too long' if you're both committed to spending the rest of your lives together, in whatever form it may take. we don't want any and we'll stick to our guns. think there are somethings that you can't do after you've waited so long. day we get married will be 15 years and 1 day from our first date. i think the reason our long engagement doesn't feel weird to people (it will be a two year engagement) is just because we're in college. he was born and raised on long island, where he learned to avoid small talk with people, and graduated from binghamton.'ve had a family that's been harassing us about marriage since we graduated from college. we knew he was leaving for the army, and felt that we were too young to get married so we held off. we have seen so many people get together and get divorced in the time that we have been together that it has made us stronger. so we've been together {counting on fingers and toes} 12 years 6 months 8 days (whew! i just got engaged this past christmas and have been with my guy for 6 years. don't really celebrate our wedding anniversary — but our "hook-up-iversary" is a huge one for us. the great thing about getting married this long into the relationship is that i know we will work. so, we'll get married one day (mostly because i want the same last name as my children), until then, we are happy as we are! waiting longer to get married was our way of making sure that we would be able to last in the long run. we move out together the summer after we graduated high school. my parents got divorced when i was in my early 20s, my dad quickly remarried and my mom is still upset about it, so for a long time my mantra was “marriage is just a piece of paper that makes it harder to get break-up”. fiance and i were together 8 years before he proposed last year.

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we've been engaged for almost three years and have no date set for the wedding. one of my friends even went so far as to say that getting married was the cowardly thing to do. it gave us plenty of time to get things done but wasn't so long that i felt like i was in planning purgatory. i'm going to go with no, we didn't wait too long — the slow-moving timeline we were on worked for both of us. they met when they were 13 so she was 33 but still. the time we're legally married, we'll likely have been engaged for at least five years. my mother and grandmother have been trying to guilt me into marriage for years (i. in this conversation via emailget only replies to your comment, the best of the rest, as well as a daily recap of all comments on this post. we have a 6 year ok who attends christian academy and i soooo thought her father would have popped the question to me by now, but nope! i've seen it too many times to count on the offbeat bride tribe: if the engagement is longer than three years, plans shift so many times en route to the wedding date that you might as well be getting a four-year bachelor's degree in wedding planning purgatory and hellish studies. got married after 5 years, and we did the whole "fuck it-let's just elope! if the question is how long to wait after getting engaged -i got engaged pretty quick and had a long freaking planning process to give me time to double sure. a lot of people assumed we'd never get married, so the fact that we finally are doing it is enough to appease the wedding gods 😛. actually, he's still in school, but we're getting married anyway — the day after our 10th anniversary (dating).’re so over we need a new word for over – carrie bradshaw, sex and the city. does a healthy, committed, longterm lesbian relationship look like, beyond the hearts and flowers? mostly, though i stayed too long in relationships because i just didn’t know how to know it was over. not to make light of what was surely a bad situation, but it seems like that long engagement demonstrated something that would have otherwise undermined your marriage. got one of these diatribes a couple weeks after we tied the knot, which was a little obnoxious. i think that put the wedding off for a long time and it wasn't until her father died that she told her husband to start planning a wedding. if we did it now would some of the butterflies and excitement be gone? the solution for what to do lies in the answer to one question: am i compromising who i am? since all relationships bring up issues, how do we know the difference between normal stuff and incompatibility stuff? bf and i are not engaged, we have been together for almost 6 years and have been living together in our house for just over 5 years. we're celebrating our 7th anniversary next week, and planning a september wedding. hope we covered it all but if haven’t, do comment! also it's tiring having to answer questions and fend off jokes all the time. at first, i was not wanting to get married until my three children were grown up and out of the house. i'm still debating on whether or not to have a wedding or just elope. that it's not about being the kind of people who "beleive in" divorce and pre-marital co-habitation, it is about moving in together because hey, look, we pay less rent this way, or to test things out, and then it's so expensive to move into two apartments even if it isn't quite right, and then everyone starts saying "hey, when are you getting married", and then folks say, the heck with it, lets.." at which point we back down from the ledge and work harder at planning the wedding.

we started dating when i was a senior in high school. i feel like we can finally afford this wedding festival. she knew they'd been stalling for some time and weren't really committed to each other. so when we finally did, it took time for people to take us seriously, and we understood. we were long-distance at the time, moved to the same city (and started living together) 9 months after we started dating, and got engaged 4 months later. in fact he had a friend that took the same approach with his girlfriend, and he was killed a few months before they were set to come home. we've been engaged for two years and have another 16 months to go." afterwards his grandmother said "i didn't realise you were ever planning to get married" we'd been engaged for 7 months, isn't that what getting engaged means?”statistics showed when compared to the “early” group, those who waited until marriage rated:1. we're both considerably older than the traditional bride and groom (40 & 45 right now) so there is no hurry-up-and-have-babies rush. met my husband online in january 2010, started dating in february, realized i loved him in march, got engaged in august, got married in december, got pregnant in december and in spite of the whirlwind that was, i'm much happier with the way things worked out. i have no regrets about not having been married sooner. he was born and raised on long island, where he learned to avoid small talk with people, and graduated from binghamton. my husband and i got together when we were in high school. our wedding will be on july 29th 2011 which is 6 months after our current anniversary of january 29th (since 2005! my fiance said he would have married me a long time ago if i'd wanted to. we also had many people questioning whether i was pregnant, everyone is still on baby bump watch and it's been 4 months! my fiancã© proposed after we'd been together six and a half months and we're getting married in just over two months. know of a couple who've been together for 30 years – and long-distance between germany and south africa at that – with no intention of getting married; they only did so two years ago because of some law in germany that would have affected him inheriting anything. his parents got married very quickly after meeting and were miserable their entire 18 years of marriage (they stayed together until he graduated). have urges, and moreover, we like to act on these urges — as fast as possible." to us, four years doesn't seem long at all though we've had several life changes along the way. at this point, we've been married as long as we were unmarried — dre's and my 2004 wedding marks the half-way point of our relationship. some couples know from day one where they are headed… in my case i was taking it day by day until a year ago when we finally discussed the "future" and what we wanted 🙂. just celebrated our 13 year non-wedded anniversary, and i still don't feel like getting married. it comes to dating, why do we often stay too long in unhealthy relationships? we talked from the start about what we wanted in a partner, about marriage, about money and children and how we'd raise them. it continues to work for both of us: we'd been together over ten years before we had a child (although half of that was not by choice). we were apart the entire four years of his enlistment/my matriculation in college. although, i think a lot of people assumed we didn't get married because we were broke as hell. no, we just decided that it was the right time, there was no rush!

i only have to add ten to the weddingversary to figure out how long i've loved him. our comments are not the place to pimp your website. be it’s time for you to know that indeed you two have been dating each other for too long. but when we got there, we found ourselves more dependent on each other than we'd realized we'd be." that was the point at which i realized maybe we'd waited a little tooooo long. also forgot to say that we heard the "when are you getting married" spiel from just about everyone we know three times, but we would just say we will when we are ready. my father has told me he will not help pay for the wedding, saying that i waited too long, and now i'm all grown up and can take care of it myself. this has been such a hard thing for me to accept because all relationships take some work. gain a more scientifically verifiable answer to whether or not sex early on is detrimental to a relationship, busby “recruited 2,035 heterosexual individuals who had an average age of 36 and were in their first marriages” and administered them a questionnaire that revolved around relationship satisfaction and stability. we ended up having a different wedding than we had originally planned but i think that was due in part to having too much time to plan and change our (my) minds. we would both like to marry sooner- but we're waiting until our 5th anniversary, so that we can afford the wedding we'd like debt-free. partner and i have been together for 7 years, and we're not getting married for at least a few more years (until we're both done with graduate school). the wedding felt perfect timing-wise, we'll just have to wait a little longer before the combining household part happens., did i just say we waited too long to get married? it's not that i don't wnat to be married – it's that the idea of a wedding isn't my cup of tea (no matter how offbeat or simple – even just a courthouse wedding gives me creepy feelings). fiance and i have been together for 8 years, 9 in june, when we're getting married. i think there's something to be said for carefully considering the reasons you have for getting wed, whether it's after 5 months or 5 years. but its been a long rode and i'm glad that we didnt let his parents talk us into a ceremony in their back yard. i love my fiance terribly and i know we'll get married when we're emotionally and financially ready, and the wedding itself shouldn't really be that big of a deal…but dammit, it's a big deal to me! we're both pretty fiercely independent, and clearly, moving slowly has worked well for us as a couple. i didn't realize that if i chose to have children first that i was foregoing my right to a giant and fabulous wedding. we have jobs we like, live in a neighborhood we like, have a life we like. i would get frustrated that he wouldn't at least ask me to get married with the realization that we wouldn't get married for a few years. at the time i was in college, then he went back, and we just sort of never really had the money., no, you don't have deny yourself from a giant wedding, you can have even 2 if you want! fiance and i have been together almost 14 years now, since we were 18 years old. but every couple has different philosophies of what marriage means, and what a wedding should be. we were committed, so why not express that through engagement?"if the engagement is longer than three years, plans shift so many times en route to the wedding date that you might as well be getting a four-year bachelor's degree in wedding planning purgatory and hellish studies. while no one (or very few) people were rushing us to get married, we're both in graduate school and anticipate a few more years of living apart, given the current state of academic jobs. everyone was in awe that we were always doing things together and always in a good mood.

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