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but a greater threat to their peace has arrived, in the form of a fearsome chinese water dragon that once destroyed the eastern pod. the juicenet cafe has now closed down and is just a vacant building on the coastline until zane buys it and persuades rikki to reopen it with him, renaming the cafe rikki's in honour of her. but, on their way out, the girls leave the marine park's underwater gate open, and ronnie the dolphin escapes. he invites her to come discuss it and her music at his boathouse, but she runs when he keeps asking about her water-phobia and other quirkiness. although nearly on kissing terms, bella grudgingly accepts to dump him while he spills water on her and discovers she's a mermaid. meanwhile, on the night of another full moon, it is rikki's turn to be moonstruck, when she glimpses the moon's reflection in a glass of water, and undergoes a catastrophic change; she loses control of her ability to heat water, and begins boiling everything around her. however, the girls discover that, as emma was a mermaid when she dyed her hair (as dyeing hair involves water), her hair only becomes red when she has her tail. episodeyou may add a new episode for this tv series by clicking the 'add episode' button. once there, the girls undergo another magical transformation in the moon pool, as a rare planetary alignment intensifies the power of the full moon – emma's power is enhanced so that she can produce snow and frost, rikki can conjure lightning, and cleo can now control wind as well as water. many misinterpretations lead cleo and zane's loved ones to think that they are dating.

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taylor, is impressed by lewis' science project – not realising that it is actually his apparatus for studying the floating water from the moon pool. she almost touches the water while it is bubbling but emma uses her power to freeze the water. sertori is one of the main characters who becomes a mermaid in the australian television series, h2o: just add water. oblivious to what was happening to them, the girls ventured out into open sea where they were rescued by the local water-police.: island of secrets (international title mako mermaids: an h2o adventure) is the spin-off series of h2o: just add water. denman doesn't believe a word zane says; but when her underwater cameras set up around the entrance to the moon pool capture images of emma, rikki and cleo, she and zane's wealthy father team up to capture the mermaids (although they decide not to tell zane that one of the mermaids is actually rikki). she became a mermaid, cleo was afraid of the water and could barely swim. meanwhile, lewis and cleo continue with their investigations on the moon pool, and make an amazing discovery when they mix water from the new waterfall with water from the pool. suddenly, a water tentacle sneaks up and drags bella to the moon pool. new characters are introduced including bella hartley (indiana evans), a singer and mermaid since the age of nine with the power to turn water into gelatine; and will benjamin (luke mitchell), a skilled diver who is trying to figure out the secrets of mako island and who accidentally seems to unleash a powerful force which turns water against the mermaids.

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1, episode 22: fish out of water1 december 2006rikki and zane begin secretly dating but cleo and emma catch them together at the movies. 2, episode 7: in hot water9 november 2007cleo is fired from the marine park and lewis is hired not realizing that he is taking cleo's job. as they ventured in deeper into the jungle-infested island, the three girls soon came across a clearing where a river stream turns into a waterfall over several boulders. but zane makes a mistake when he lets slip to ex-girlfriend miriam that rikki was looking at the locket, and miriam buys it just to spite her. little do they know, as they swim out of the tunnel and are rescued by the water police, that they have undergone a magical transformation, and their lives will never be the same again. he discovers the magical cave, but it's a full moon and the serpentine water column knocks him out before escaping to attack the others. realising that the pool, which has an underwater tunnel connected to the ocean, is their only way out, the girls step into the water and find themselves bathed in the light of the full moon as it passes over the top of the volcano. a strange creature made entirely of water forms and attacks will. during her mermaid training in season 3, evie loses her tail to the water dragon. rikki tells cleo to re-establish her friendship with him, and use her unique mermaid abilities to her advantage – after all, charlotte is just an ordinary girl, but cleo is not.

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meanwhile, cleo gets a job at the marine park's dolphin tank, and emma is furious with her for taking such risks around water. new mermaids arrive (allie bertram and isabel durant play new mermaids mimmi and ondina, respectively) and are afraid that zac is a threat to mermaid pods everywhere, but what they don't realize is that there is another merman in addition to zac in town (alex cubis plays erik) bent on seizing mako island for himself. rikki and zane start dating again after breaking up during the series one finale. will's precise recollections about the aggressive moon pool tentacle help lewis devise a test which shows the key is mixing water from the ocean itself and the waterfall, albeit apparently very weak except at full moon. and she finds her at just the right time, as miss chatham has an argument with zane about an accident involving her houseboat ("lorelei") and his jet ski, and then collapses from a heart attack. with little choice, the three girls paddled their way to the closest land they could find: mako island. 1, episode 1: metamorphosis7 july 2006skylarking on the waterfront, three ordinary teenage girls stumble upon a strange pool on the mysterious mako island. dad don thus has to neglect the fishing permit officer, sam, but ends up dating her. teens receive a version just for them with the latest reviews and top picks for movies, video games, apps, music, books, and more. the girls are forced to make a quick exit when, during their science exam, the full moon rises early, and the tentacle tries to reach them through a water cooler in the classroom.

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she sees the full moon's strange effect on the pool and is intrigued, but luckily emma is able to stop her from touching the water by freezing the moon pool's surface, preventing charlotte from becoming a mermaid. rikki's birthday, cleo and bella travel to the moon pool, and make her a present using their powers; an elegant mermaid statue that cleo moulds from water, and bella hardens with her gelatine power. but when rikki accidentally gets the water in cleo's fish tank, her goldfish, hector, becomes imprisoned in a bubble of floating water! cleo and emma discover that they have powers to control water. having seen him receive a slightly older female there and dive with her, she assumes he's 'cheating' and meanly abuses him publicly and even under water, seconded each time by rikki, only to find later it's just his sister sophie. girls prepare to sleep over at cleo's for the full moon, to try to protect themselves from any water attack. they have apparently been dating for 8 months, but have been close to each other since they were six years old. charlotte, still bitter, controls the water in emma's house from the outside, and the girls cannot fight back unless they end up revealing their secret to ash. at the marine park, cleo knew that she has to stay away from water-filled rides. bella befriends rikki and cleo and the new trio is determined to find out what caused water to turn against them.

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will lets bella act as 'guest coach', but to demonstrate her idea of facing water as his friend, she dives with him. also wears a locket identical to emma and rikki's, only with a blue stone, to represent the water's controlling ability., most of the characters are dating, and so if you don't feel your kids are ready to be exposed to that yet, you might want to put off their watching this show until they're a little older. emma is forced to dive down to the sinking boat in order to save zane, and risks him discovering that she is a mermaid, but he just glimpses her tail before he passes out. but just as emma is starting to accept ash, some food gets stored in the wrong place and spoiled, and ash, believing that it must have been emma because she was the only one protesting about the changes, fires her. but despite all their preparations, cleo glimpses the moon in the reflection of some water in the bathroom sink, but when she touches the water, she doesn't turn into a mermaid. he confronts her but she denies it, saying she's just worried charlotte will find out their secret. when moving the water, she can cause it to float in the air, making an water ball or spray it in a form of a water jet blast. lewis finds her at the juice bar watching the film of gracie just as gracie dives into the moon pool, turning into a mermaid! possesses the ability to transform into a mermaid ten seconds after touching water.

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rikki and cleo are roped into doing a film about emma's mother, but rikki, thinking that the film is boring, sneaks off to shoot her own film, featuring some impressive underwater footage of sharks. cariba heine reprises her role as h2o: just add water mermaid rikki chadwick. when pluto, one of her salt water fish, died, cleo became saddened by his departure. 3, episode 9: the sorcerer's apprentice5 november 2009lewis wants the tentacle-potential cave water safely disposed of, but the girls can't resist experimenting further behind his back. returning to follow up her discovery of cells that mutate on contact with water (a dna sample from cleo that lewis accidentally left behind in her lab), dr. the episode ends with zane rediscovering that rikki is a mermaid, when nate blasts her with water, but he promises not to tell anyone, and they rekindle their relationship. but bella isn't there – she has been kidnapped by the water tentacle! 3, episode 3: keep your enemies close28 october 2009cleo applies for the vacant job of assistant dolphin trainer, despite the water splashing risks. charlotte goes back to the moon pool during another full moon and this time goes into the water while the moon passes overhead. her humiliating failures would be fatal hadn't will, who takes pity on her apparent aqua-phobia, brilliantly done all the work hidden underwater.

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they arrive and manage to get will out before the water tentacle reappears, albeit too weak to hurt anyone, unlike full moon. with the girls unaware that charlotte now knows about them, and also preoccupied with the arrival of the full moon, they are unable to stop her from travelling back to mako island and diving into the moon pool just as the full moon passes. she turns back into a human several minutes after climbing out of the the water. at the party, cleo gets water on herself, and has to hide in a closet, but when the other girls at the party open the door, she has already managed to zip herself up inside a sleeping bag. h2o, three teens' lives are changed forever after their boat strays to a mystical island off the australian coast and magical forces transform them into mermaids with unique powers to control water. and gets thrown in the pool by prankster zane bennett and his pal nate, just as lewis arrives. in the moon poolcleo using her powerscleo swimming with lewiscleo swimming with lewiscleo underwatercleo with lewis swimmingcleo's tailcleo using her powerscleo swimming with a dolphincleo swimmingcleo in the poolcleo underwatercleo levitating a bubblecleo in the moon poolcleo in the watercleo's tailcleo underwatercleo and lewis kissingcleo in the moon poolcleo speed-swimmingcleo in the moon poolcleo underwatercleo swimmingcleo swimming with a dolphincleo in the moon poolcleo's tailcleo swimmingcleo swimming with lewiscleo and charlotte underwatercleo underwatercleo underwatercleo swimmingcleo using her powerscleo using her powerscleo swimmingcleo using her powerscleo underwatercleo in the moon poolcleo underwatercleo and bella using their powerscleo swimmingcleo using her powerscleo using her powerscleo levitating a water bubblecleo with emma and rikki swimmingcleo with rikki and emma swimmingcleo, rikki, and bella swimmingcleo becoming a mermaid along with emma and rikkiadd a photo to this gallery. to shape the water, she makes a water ball that is floating in the air, and after that, she can shape it into anything like a miniature mermaid figure. however, lewis' nightmare comes true when cleo falls into the water, and someone spots her. during the party she traps cleo and emma in a pool room and causes a pipe to spill water all over them.

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fry made a cameo in the last episode of h2o: just add water. is the first of the three mermaids to discover her individual powers over water; the ability to control and manipulate water at her will, normally called hydrokinesis. rikki saves them just before ash discovers them in mermaid form and all 3 decide to throw lewis their own party. lewis arrives just in time to save her, and the two of them get back together. need to know that despite a far-fetched plot and some cheesy acting in h20: just add water, there's a fair amount to like about this australian fantasy drama series for tweens. emma and lewis arrive just in time to help miss chatham and take her to seek medical care on lewis' boat.:26mako mermaids season 2 vlog 400:39mako mermaids season 2 vlog 300:38mako mermaids season 2 vlog 200:48mako mermaids season 2 vlog 102:59mako mermaids - sneak peekadd a photo to this gallery. 3, episode 26: graduation16 april 2010just before the gang's graduation, comet eva approaches, which they work out is attracted by the moon cave crystals and nearly caused a major catastrophe in ireland where it was probably diverted by a mermaid centuries ago. season three, cleo begins to focus more on science due to lewis' departure and her desire to find out where the water tentacle came from. mermaids series 1 was originally planned as a prequel to h2o: just add water but as season two developed, the creator of the show decided it would actually be a sequel.

after being rescued the girls return to their normal lives but soon discover they have changed: seconds after contact with water they transform into mermaids. once there, they discover a hidden, underground cavern, and inside it, a deep pool of water, sitting within the cone of a volcano. lewis is then given the task of finding out just how much charlotte knows about her grandmother, but his questions only make her more suspicious, and, thinking that lewis and the girls are hiding something from her, she goes back to cleo's house, and steals the old reel of film in amongst the research. she gets wet at a volleyball competition and has to run off into the water. wears a lot of colorful clothes based on her ability on moving water into shapes similar to the colors of the wind. will is also growing incredibly interested in her, and wants to spend time with her; but when he realises that bella won't swim, he deliberately spills some water on her, thinking her secret might be something to do with water. max follows lewis and cleo to mako island, splashes some water on cleo, and discovers that she is a mermaid as well. emma and rikki rescue her and cleo is no longer afraid to swim in the water. 1, episode 9: dangerous waters1 september 2006when cleo's pet fish passes away, rikki tries to cheer her up. cleo, rikki and lewis try to keep her under control, but emma ends up diving into the water, and turning into a mermaid.

the moonlight tries to transform her into water, but cleo can counter the effect. review of h2o: just add water was written by. tonedeaf nate nearly ruined the first life music performance, but lewis saves with irish isabel "bella", whom the other mermaids just accepted after discovering she's one of them as they all abused their power to hassle playfully taunting surfers. kim also turns up, and as she lacks permission, pa don, who once again is made to believe cleo just as mischievous. he breaks up with charlotte and begins dating cleo again. after further experimentation, they discover they also have unique supernatural powers over water. unlike rikki, cleo believes that fish are just like people that live, eat, and play underwater. together, cleo and bella rescue rikki from the water tentacle. at mako, rikki and cleo discover that the tentacle seems to be turning bella into water. charlotte attempts to find them and discovers the moon pool herself just as the moon passes overhead.

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one full moon, local land boy zac falls into the magic waters of the moon pool. the only upside is that lewis, after days of research and testing, has come up with a formula to make the girls' skin waterproof, and they no longer have to worry about getting wet. meanwhile, lewis wins an award for young inventors, and asks cleo to accompany him to the awards ceremony, but she declines, saying that they are just friends now. but cleo's determination to lead a normal life without being scared of every drop of water she sees convinces emma, who reschedules her sleepover. all seems lost, but bella, cleo and rikki band together, and use their own magic to create a tower of water and light, that knocks the comet off course, making it miss the earth. in season 2, aired on february 13, 2015 on netflix, the producer said that the mermaids from h2o: just add water may appear as mermaids claiming that they still have their old tails from the show. she wasn't able to transform into a mermaid until she made contact with the water of the moon pool at mako island 12 hours after the contact. realising that something is amiss, rikki returns the fake bills to the address – a houseboat in the middle of nowhere – and discovers that the people on board are printing counterfeit money. (linda ngo): weilan is an eastern mermaid who was forced to flee when the water dragon wiped out the entire eastern pod. one full moon, a local land boy zac falls into the magic waters of the moon pool.

meanwhile, ash makes a well-intentioned attempt to help emma overcome her apparent fear of water, which leads to him almost discovering her secret. will has to overthrow the water cooler so the physics exam is canceled and rescheduled for the next day.: h2o: just add waterlists of australian television series episodeslists of children's television series episodeslists of drama television series episodeslists of fantasy television series episodes2006 australian television seasons2007 australian television seasons2008 australian television seasons2009 australian television seasons2010 australian television seasonshidden categories: use australian english from october 2012all wikipedia articles written in australian englishuse dmy dates from june 2011. her powers allow her to make a tube from water, and creating more water than the original amount of water by manypulating the water monucules, and let the tube grow as big and high as she wants. seeing how the others turn away from her, will regretfully betrays to them their tentacle experience, which only adds to her bitterness. 1, episode 24: love potion #915 december 2006lewis thinks he has invented a potion to make the girls waterproof for their big dance. emma can freeze water, cleo can control the shape and volume of water, and rikki can boil water. while emma and rikki were able to jump over to the small waterfall, cleo became hesitant and without a warning, fell into a hole. 3, episode 11: just a girl at heart18 january 2010bella thinks sophie is mean because she coaches will ruthlessly, but that's only because she's found a corporate sponsor, don king. but taking care of angela brings on challenges of its own, as it appears she is a spoiled brat, who is determined to get what she wants, and, worst of all, has a fondness for water.

but when they shred one of the nets with a knife, they spark stories of sharks patrolling the waters. the entrance to it opens up on a full moon, just like with the trident chamber. by the water tentacle's constant attacks on them, rikki travels to mako island at the full moon in order to confront it. lewis tells cleo not to experiment with the floating water they collected from mako, she cannot resist, and sends lewis off for a day of golfing with her father, so that he won't discover her. enjoys being a mermaid, but she is very protective and extremely cautious around water. zac's powers include the ability to move objects with the mind, and the ability to control water with the mind, as well as expanding it and molding it into a variety of shapes. she and the girls are worried that rikki will make the same mistake of having too much trust in zane, but when zane retrieves the locket for rikki after miriam throws it in the water, they are relieved to see that she carefully dries the locket before touching it, meaning that she is not willing to share her secret with zane. ten seconds after they touch water, they turn into mermaids. threatened by his existence, the mermaid pod are forced to move away, abandoning sirena, nixie, and lyla, who in a bid for survival, must get legs, venture onto land, and take back zac's powers or risk being outcasts forever. when they enter an underground pool of water that leads to the ocean they find themselves bathed in the glow of moonlight from overhead.

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