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what you don’t realize is that women are on online dating specifically to meet up with potential mates. when you first meet the girl tell her that she should text you if she wants to hang out. the underlying idea is you are both evaluating each other as romantic prospects. if the conversation gets dull, you can also try to "shuffle" her from place to place. she’ll take it from you and start entering her phone number.” then me feeling like i may have pushed her too far told her for real i like it and why, she thanks me and i go for the close told her “she get my joke if we chilled” reply’s with a “prob be better” i then in the mind set of cut the shit tell her when i can meet up with her reply’s with a “really . the best thing to do is while in it, remain calm, its exciting but remain calm and understand her, respnse in text in public. left and we said our goodbyes and said hopefully we each other before she leaves. day: do you want to take her out on a date? friend of mine did a house party and there was this girl that i met. it wud b grt if u give examples of txt messages and other stuffs. walk up to a hot girl and you tell her how her thighs are really sexy that the sight alone, gives you a boner. i'm trying to figure out how to get into situations where i can approach hot, nice girls without looking desperate, creepy, or like i'm going out of my league. she asked me again when we were walking to my car if there was anything we could do and i said not to worry about it and another time. met a girl a while back and texted her for a while but my friend said he was going for her so i laid off, but now he doesn't talk to her but i don't have her number,but how would i talk to her on facebook because i just stopped talking to her? number one date recap i hear from guys goes something like this… “we had such a great time together. she’s going to think that you’re more interested than you actually are if you go for her phone number, even if (maybe even especially if) you proclaim that you’re only interested in being friends. am guilty of number 2 for one hundred and ten percent. then, 15 - 30 minutes later: as you can see, we're showing her that we still think she's special, not used, in our eyes. also, our text gives us an option to see her again if we're not busy with anyone else in the club. i really liked her and didn’t want her to think i was just in it for the sex.

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flirting/chatting on an online platform, it'd be best to be even more kinky and flirtatious.! it took you longer to come up with that excuse than to send a one-sentence text to her. i am 18 years old, have only had one girlfriend, and the farthest i got was kissing her. during these two weeks we got intimate but i told her i did not want to have sex because it didn’t feel right knowing she was leaving. here is an example of how we communicate to a girl right away after we get her number in a club: you: so, it's 555 - 555 - 5555 her: yep. and because i had a relationship this long i have no idea how to pick up girls in a club, also because its always so loud there. your phone ready: we want to make it as easy as possible for her to say yes. most women are in the “buying” mood while on the app and will make plans with a guy then and there. politely inviting a girl back to your place who already likes you isn’t going to change her feelings. then i have to flirt with her and go for a kiss, like i would on any other date. she knows that if you find her attractive, you want a sexual connection. her: bye leaving right after you get her phone number is what we call, the pre-ejaculate. she didn’t risk being vulnerable in a confined space with someone she barely knows otherwise. me some tips when you get her number but you still want to look for other options, at this situation how can you get out without offending her. than that, you can hopefully start being her real friend without ulterior motives.. you don’t follow up on the numbers you do get. i find her unattractive and i know i will never in my life want to have sex with her. you should get her numberlet’s start with signs that you should get her number:gut check: check your gut. only problem was i was leaving for europe for the summer and by the time i got back she would be going back up state for her last year of school. there is this vibe that is created when you act confident, where people don't give a fuck and are transfixed by your presence. i know i might see her again but i don't know how should i face this situation.

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so i texted an apology to her the next day and she was cool with it. again, she might be good as a contact, but if you’re out trying to meet women for the purpose of dating, you should only get phone numbers from girls that you’re actually interested in. i went to another faculty and i just met a girl in the faculty's bar and i talked to her immediately (if i wanted to think too much about it, i wouldn't make it "this was my first time that i did this") anyway i got her number. i learned to not give a fuck about anything and just go for it, i do this all the time, my friends even get bothered sometimes because i try talking to every cute girl i see, haha they are just too shy and trip cause im always getting attention, and to top it all off, im in summer school right now, and i'm making friends with all the cute girls in class, haha sometimes i even notice some of the better looking dudes looking at me like they hate me lol, and i know exactly why, because i'm probably talking to some girl that they wanted to talk to but don't have the balls to do it. you go about online flirting/chatting the same as you would flirting via text? rule: “if i like a girl at all, i have to invite her to hang out 1-on-1. rather than take the risk of screwing things up by asking her out, you just continue chatting with her. rule: “i will suggest meeting up with girls online by my 2nd-4th message. this mistake makes the girl feel used, which hinders your chances of her picking up her phone to schedule the date you have planned.,If you see her again, go straight up and say, "i had fun last time, but i didn't get your number, what is it? also if a guy asked on our first date together to have sex or hinted at such it would give off the impression that was all he was interested in and i would cease considering him as a long term partner. to a point where i just couldn’t keep up with all the hookups i had.” you play this endlessly frustrating game where you both don’t commit to moving forward. not just to sleep with her, but to get her comfortable to open up. if you throw it out there and she declines, it’s not a big deal. laugh it off or talk to her in a serious manner and tell her never to do that again. now she won’t commit to coming out when i ask her for another date. the first thing she said was that i can have her number and that we need to hang out. you get a girl’s number and then do nothing with it! she laughs while imagining your boner and finds you cute, cute enough where she happily gives you her phone number. in my current situation doing anything with her would not be favourable until much later.

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of course, stay if you feel like you're not sure if you like her enough to leave her just yet. i said above, women know almost immediately whether or not romance is a possibility with a guy. while on the trip we stopped talking i found out a week later she began dating someone else. i understand your pain bro…i have gone through the same thing a few times in my life where i was left clueless on what the girl wanted despite she dropping me hints a few times. she will then distance herself or let you down easy so she avoids hurting your feelings. rule: “if i’m talking to a woman i find attractive for more than one minute, i must ask for her number before i leave the conversation. do i actually wait for her to text me or do i call/text her about seeing each other? the short answer is, don’t wait to text her. Sales is not only about finding new connections, but nurturing them and creating deeperAdvanced social skills training for top performersas seen on talking to a girl is difficult enough without having to deal with the complexities of follow-up, and a lot of guys make parallel mistakes when it comes to getting a girl’s phone number: on the one hand, there’s the guy who has a great time with a girl out at a bar or club, but is too timid to get her number. this just to say:Hooking up did not change my life, but knowing i could took all the pressure away from dating and flirting which in turn made it easier to date and flirt..but after i get her number i cant get the job done. when a girl says that she’s not ready and turns her cheek, let her know it’s not a big deal. i have gotten a decent amount of numbers, and always try and take interactions as far as possible and don't think i have left once right after getting a number. this time, she knows whether or not you’re a romantic prospect. so have your phone out and ready for her to input her phone number. if you're talking for that long, you should be setting something up where you're going to have sex the next time you meet her (or at least a date). one day i went up to her, and talk confidently ' oh hey, let's go out on a lunch date! so earlier this summer i started talking/dating this girl that i knew about and was fond about. rule: “if i have a girl back at my place or hers, i will go for a kiss and continue towards sexual intimacy while respecting her boundaries. you shouldn’t get her numberon the other hand, you don’t want to get the phone number of every girl that you talk to — only the ones that you’ve established a real connection with., kong, and jason, you guys have helped alot, and i'm so grateful that you guys go out of your way t help other guys reach true confidence.

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instead ask her out by calling her (and tell her you're going to call her). i really didn't see it coming and i don't really know shit about her to use as some kind of hint towards what we should do. i picked on her about it and she sent another one (my thought process right now is she just qualified like 3 times better reward her) i gave her bonus points. here’s how it breaks down:don’t ask: first of all, don’t ask. i talked to her about it she said she was sorry and don’t be mad and that “if she wasn’t going to school and i didn’t go to europe then things probably would be different” and how she “missed me” and “would want to hang out in the future”. lot of guys think they need to convince a woman to meet up with them from online dating. to get her numberthe art of charm has a time tested and true way of getting a girl’s phone number that works like gangbusters.. you chat with girls from online dating for too long. basically, if you’re answering “no” to the questions above, don’t bother. i tried talking to this one girl and ask her out to on a coffee date the first week i meet her ( i was in god mode cuz it was friday). would you stick to her and give up pickup (which i assume is very important for you), or would you keep her waiting until you're ready to settle down definitively? if she doesn’t, you can start focusing on other girls who are willing to invest in you. of course she’s going to want to give it to you, because of course she’s as interested in you as you are in her. i told her i was going home to get some sleep. this allows you to make her feel special all while making sure your physical time isn't being wasted. picked up this girl at the bar and went back to her place and started making out. in 2011, simple pickup is the foremost company in the world teaching on dating and relationships. on the other hand, she might have hot friends, so consider inviting her to your next party. but don’t make that choice for her before you’ve even tried. i told her it was my first kiss (it really was, im 20 yrs old). maybe lead up to this with a whole day or more of being seemingly distracted with something else while in her presence.

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it’s not because you saw her naked that she’s a sl*t. so i did and honestly didn't expect to see her again. it takes confidence and balls to be confident in such a way where you can push aside girls who use you. also, how would you progress from just chatting online to getting her number? it seems you just fluffed talked and you didn't ask her out, get her number, because the conversation led nowhere. how to explain this but i have this problem where i make this 'gulp' noise in my throat when im nervous and girls notice it right away. i am a woman in the dating world…i am looking for a relationship as an end result…and i’m so tired about it being all about sex. i got a really cute girls number online yesterday in the middle of the day checked it when i got home and texted her after which wasn’t until 8. i hope there are a few men out there that would not like to rush into things also. now what many guys think getting the phone number is the priority when you approach and interact with a hot girl you just met. it doesn’t really matter whether you had fun or not. every time you don’t follow up on a number, you’re throwing away your best shots for romance. can i break out of the friend zone and should i want to here (given i don't want a relationship)? i hit on her so many times and we connected but i ruined the whole thing when i became drunk, basically she told me i'm acting like a dick cuz im drunk, which was true.” i figure this is a shit test and tell her that if she wants to meet me she better get me when i’m available cuz im a busy guy. you see her, just start a normal conversation, and then escalate. it’s the best gift to be able to gain that knowledge because it does help alot in your next relaitonship or future with her still you would know how she is bored, honest, lying.'m not an expert but as someone who misses texts and calls all the time, i can tell you there are 1001 reasons why she didnt awnser, and it might not be because she doesn't like you. after reading that, i’ll think i will ask for numbers after five minutes or less and see what happens… hope i don’t make a fool out of myself or appear uncalibrated for doing that. melbourne is the heart of our night life so i think you guys would love it here too. honestly, who cares if you text first, the idea is to push her to hang out with right away (texting too much and not seeing each other leads to nothing).

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sure you got her phone number but that's exactly the point, you only got her phone number. you build her up to this flawless girl and that terrifies you. then she regrets her choice and protects herself by not risking it with you again.@paul,Go buy groceries together and then cook at your place. are women who were invested enough to willingly give you their number. is it appropriate to ask for a woman’s phone number? so, the scene ends something along the lines of: you: well, i'll text you about my boner in a bit her: hahaha, okay? please leave any comments or question below, and also tell us situations where this has worked for you.!Pexpertreply@ben: next time she does something silly, very casually mention she's so cute and sometimes she makes you want to do bad things to her. as long as you don’t act like a dick to her if she’s not interested, you can still stay friends. give her a hug, tell her the plans you have for your future date, setup the next time you'll see her; just make it engaging and fun so she wants to see you again and will pick up her phone when you call her. ding it a bunch makes you seem needy, like you need her to text back, and saying sarcastic stuff like that just cuz she didn't pick up will totally kill any chance you had with her. and dating never were my forte even though i had no problems keeping someone’s interest in a conversation. text her something cheeky and flirtatious right away like “hey, it’s aj, the guy with the sexy eyes ;-)” that way she has your number and the ice is broken. our paths finally crossed and met her got her number etc i did all the steps and things where great. look her in the eye or least catch her eye when you say it and then do not say anything else until she reacts. i added a girl on wechat(chat app)from my friend and i talked to her for few hours.“i only talked to her for a couple minutes at the gym after her set. my question is what should be the first text back once you get the number? i followed your advice and talked to a girl about her fav thing like chocolate for about 1 hour or so :| couldn't find any other interesting topic to talk about after that and then i had to say bye. like, she's really fucking hot and her ass is phenomenal!

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still texted her the same day, albeit a few hours later., i met this girl at a party and we dancend (grinded) and everything, but i didn't asked for her number. i got a number of this girl, and she alskd fo mien, i said to her tha i would call her at 9 pm and she said ok, but that night i calld her like 3 times ( not at ounce) the nextd day i callde her one more time and she dident pick up, so send her text saying that its to bad she didint want me to know her better and take caer. listen, if the conversation is going well to a point where she happily gives you her phone number, there shouldn't be a reason to leave. it helped me to get to know me and my needs and wants much better regarding the other sex. what am i supposed to do when i meet her? but just remember to try to move things forward next time — you’ll have other opportunities. when i text her about going out on a date, she went like 'date? by leaving early, you're basically inferring to the hot girl that you were more interested in getting her phone number than being with her physical body. when she realizes you respected her boundaries but still went after what you wanted, she’s infinitely more likely to kiss you back the next time. when you finally invite her to do something, she doesn’t give you a concrete answer. i’ve texted her three times since but she never responded. rule: “if i’m having fun on a date, i will invite the girl back to my place or suggest going back to hers. i've destroyed my chanse with this ''bad girl'' how can i regain the strength to talk to her again. 1 many times…perhaps thousand times…i girl holds on to eye contact with me for few seconds but i never approached her and used to shy away…. so last night i was at a college bar and complimented a girl on her septum piercing. the next week, i got her number and i felt great and all. you're different and memorable from other guys because you're not leaving early. you: i'm going to check up with my friends a bit, but i don't want to feel used so i'll text you throughout the night and we'll see each other later. you’re seeking her approval with, “please let me know when you’re around. i love your channel, but the problem i'm running into is that i'm still in highschool and i work and play sports and all sorts of other semi social activities that don't involve girls, so i am stuck with a certain set of girls.

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guys don’t realize how easy it can be to get a girl’s number. asking for a number right before you bounce is a great way to have her thinking you’re just out collecting numbers. by swiping yes to each other, you both already accept you find each other attractive. yes, you'll leave eventually but you want to show her how special you think she is. she put herself out there to a new guy and he didn’t want her back. is basically perfect but smokes and won't quit (dealbreaker) so i do not want a relationship with her but i do want to sleep with her whilst remaining friends (i know this is a douchebag thing to an extent but i can't date a smoker and i can't help that i really like her). (i'm a foreign student in portugal and i don't know portuguese yet so i took this reason and i asked her number to ask her to help me later)! i was cockblocked by her friends and i didn't get her number, i guess i pussied out. here to learn more about what i can do for you. rule: “whenever i get a girl’s number, i will message her within 24 hours. what is the best approach to win her back at this situation ? when you see her, you should be polarizing (not give a fuck) and start talking to her the way you interacted before you were drunk on that night. i am a loose ass motherfucker when approaching i move my hands too much everytime i talk there is hand movement, is this bad or good? so when they tell me about an encounter they had with a woman and i ask if they went for her number, they make excuses like…. pls tell me how to make her my gf after setting up the first impression. i ran into this problem today and i couldn't get the girl's number because her friends kept cockblocking. i'm pretty chill and laid back, but i don't feel like the girls i want to start talking to, getting numbers from, dating etc. she’s usually giving you an approach invitation — her subtle way of saying, “come talk to me. we hold hands occasionally, tell each other we love each other on the phone, she asked me to kiss her a few times (about 6 months ago - has not happened since) although i was almost too surprised and drunk to go full make out, and she likes to touch my arse. while talking to a girl, just tell her that you need her number so the two of you can get together some time. woman knows whether or not she’d give you her number within minutes of meeting you.

to kiss her is only going to reveal the truth about how she already feels — it won’t suddenly ruin a potential romantic connection. 19 and i live in mexico i used to live in ohio and the change of scenery has been hard and ive had a lot of bad luck with girls im weird ive alwys kind of hated my self and never aproached girls i just learned of simple pickup i love it im feeling more confident and talking a lot more ive always been introverted but im starting to feel better about myself i wana meet more girls this is great advice cause i got a girls number and didnt really know wat to do with it as stupid as it sounds.. you don’t invite a girl back to your place or hers. on the other hand, there’s the guy who has a tenuous connection with a woman, but gets her number anyway more or less just to say that he did. she does weird conflicting things too like saying she wanted to get a hotel room yet when two hot girls in the club asked why we weren't boyf and gf, said she sees me as a brother. i knew it was over and obvious but i felt such a connection with her i didn’t want to give up. that mean she's not interested and how can i get her on a date or a phone number. my issue is that for some reason once i got my shit together and decided that i was sick of hanging out with nerds whom i didn't identify with, no one really seemed to want to let go of the idea of me as being this weird antisocial apathetic little jerk. any good salesperson knows that it’s not about how many names and numbers you collect, but how you follow up with them that counts. you will either get ignored or become the friendly guy who gives her free attention. you also have no idea whether or not she’s interested, that’s just your insecurity speaking. many times should you ask a girl to hang out before you write her off. it would be amazing if you answered this but i don't expect to much there is a lot of other girls out there. you have to be very casual and nonchalant about the whole thing otherwise it will just seem weird. females are complex, made to be loved so loving her is the key buddy to unlock doors then you see her true colours, true colurs will give you a insight into the female pysche which then will change and you gain knowledge which will benefit you alot. walk up to a hot girl and you tell her how her thighs are really sexy that the sight alone, give. i thought it was socially unacceptable to ask for a woman’s phone number so soon already, especially someone you just met. you don't want to lose the possibilities of meeting other girls in the club, or, you just want to party rock with your boys. you want to show her how similar you are and how you both love the same things. if she gives you (a random stranger) her time, then there’s a solid chance she’d give you her number, too. it makes sense in theory — you’re strangers and you want to make her feel comfortable.

tell me, “i didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable. you’ve already reached out a few times with no response, there’s not much you can do. in addition, you can also go after and pickup other girls before you even start talking to this "bad girl" again.’t wait until you’re going to leave: get her number at a high point in the interaction, not right as you’re about to walk away. initially i thought it was only appropriate to ask for a number when you built up a certain level of rapport with her and take your time with it or when you become friends/connected/get to know her/get familiar/etc with her properly. of all thanks so much for the tips and videos i'm only 14 but i've already started getting numbers easily. when talking to a girl, asking for her phone number is a way of expressing interest in her. she’s afraid it will make her seem too forward or easy. because if you invite her to do something and she says no, then you might lose that sweet, sweet attention. her right away: how long should you wait to text her? how to do our favorite way of prolonging the conversation is by asking for the phone number about 3/5 from when we think the interaction should end: if we only have ten minutes to talk to the girl, we'll ask for the number 6-7 minutes into the conversation, and then have a really engaging conversation for the last 3-4 minutes. some killer date ideas: while she’s entering her number into your phone, rattle off some date ideas. if it doesn't work out, the best plan of action is to put her on the backburner and start talking to other girls. in due time everything will fall into place once you gain the confidence to talk to any girl out there. but you're not a calculator, you have a penis, so stop going after the number, go after her. to go even further, if you meet this girl in a club or in a place where you know she'll be in your vicinity for an hour or more, you should periodically communicate with her the entire night (this also includes sensual touching). now we occasionally text and talk over social media but i don’t know why i can’t shake this feeling for her ive been able to do it plenty of other times with girls but i can’t with this one and i know i need to. don’t have to immediately ask for the number after 5 minutes. :d' her friend was there and she was being a cockblock again, she said 'she already has a boyfrined' which is a lie, and the girl went ' hahahaha, no :(' i was sad and i didn't know what to say/do so i just talked to her about class and walked away., so i went on a cruise and there were these two extremely hot girls! let her put you down, give you shit tests, and the best way is to accept and go overboard with the things she's saying. Sitemap