Free dating site for jehovah witnesses

is not a sin to log into this website and talk to different people and languages throughout the world but you must be cautious and wise due to the unbelievers who also log into this website and claim to be your witnesses. myself i’m only a associate of jehovah witnesses at this time.

Dating websites for jehovah's witnesses

lol lol maybe ken should get a web site on catholic priest ! other online dating service focusing on jehovah’s witnesses is:Partners in the truth.

Jehovah witness dating site free

.But to honour god according to his rules n regulations stated in book of corinthians marriages should be celebtated only between parties of a same belief that is brother and sister should accept jehovah as their god. jwmatch is a way for jehovah’s witnesses and interested ones to build loving and trusting friendships that can lead to lasting relationships in the real world.

Jehovah witness online dating sites

.I have got an issue of how jw dating can become easy and free in a genuine style,,i will post it somewhere for active jw only,,,“i have got an issue of how jw dating can become easy and free in a genuine style,,i will post it somewhere for active jw only,,,” now why would you need to post it elsewhere? your email address to subscribe to this website and be notified when new articles are posted.

Jehovah's witnesses dating site

roberta is looking for: “someone who has my same interests, and someone who loves jehovah whole heartedly. have noticed there are so many difficulties for real witnesses to find a date either in their country or in the net n live happily in this passing world…according to the only truth in words which is the holy bible((given by god jehovah the grand creator to humans marrying to someone is not a sin also not marrying is neither a sin.

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if you have any general questions or comments about this website, please send an email to:If you have a news story that you feel should be included on this website - or an inquiry or complaint regarding credits, misreporting or copyright issues, please contact us at:Technical or website access issues should be directed to:Home→2004→want to date a jehovah’s witness? you log into this website or you do not log into it you committed no sin.

Dating Mistakes Ex Jehovah's Witness Men are Making!

it seems the witnesses don’t follow the orders a whole lot – at least not all of them. jehovah ,does not appear to be a loving god to scare you into obeying.

Do Jehovah's Witnesses Have Rules About Dating?

i am full of love for almighty god jehovah, jesus christ, good people and animals. how you satisfy your sexual needs is between you & jehovah & is absolutely non of anybody’s business.

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i mean people with a life wouldn’t be making comments about the site unless they are so gross and weird like you must be mark? the attention to all brothers and sisters looking men and women in those website , it is very shame and so disgusting to a truly witness to join those website to find someone to live with , never a truly spiritual brothers or sisters who respect god standpoint can follow this website , none of these sites they government body encourage witnesses to join , i know you must be so desperate for joining this site but notice one thing this brothers or sisters you will meet there will never be able to tell others where and how you met , following this website is like subscribing in porno website , you are truly jehovah’s witness removed your account and ask help to the elders in your congregation also i suggest you to follow this link its will help you to notice what jehovah’s witnesses think about that.

make sure the love doll is loyal & a believer in jehovah. watchtower bible & tract society has warned jehovah’s witnesses about the dangers of internet usage repeatedly.

voce on sonoma county elder accused of child abusela voce on court rules: jehovah’s witnesses can shun membersla voce on court rules: jehovah’s witnesses can shun membersmark on want to date a jehovah’s witness? how you satisfy your sexual needs is between you & jehovah & is absolutely non of anybody’s business.

Free dating site for jehovah witnesses

i stated earlier though, it does appear to me that social media (online dating) is not that big of a deal anymore. it so i think you are disfellowshippped long time ago , you should start thinking how to come back to jehovah by purify yourself before the end of this system of things , sorry but yur so immoral according to jehovah standpoint .

this site to see what these gorgeous love dolls look like:Datz nt a good advice. can’t believe what i’m reading here amongst the brothere and sisters concerning dating sites and even hair styles, yes the internet is a very dangerous place to be for dating i agree on this point strongly but the criticism passing between yourselves and even hair styles too involved seems ridiculous , which one of us can cast the first stone we are all imperfect in this system so stop bickering and get on with it and remember jehovah god loves you he knows we are not perfect in this system of things .

i find it so strange that a guy like kent would even get a web site all about witness’s joining a date site or a site called watch tower observer ? noticed some witnesses seem to attract the interest of the opposite sex with relative ease due to either charm, social status &/or looks.
as one of jehovah’s witnesses you should know how to spot such just by their actions etc, unless blinded by their sexual appetite or own loneliness. you say that logging into this website is a sin please may you show me in the bible? Sitemap